Review of vivo V23 and V23e Smartphones

 Review of vivo V23 and V23e Smartphones: Cool looks and 50 MP for Selfies

New smartphones from vivo look very original, and also have a good set of cameras: the V23 has as many as two front-facing cameras (50 + 8 Mp). True, it was not without oddities.

The premiere of two new vivo smartphones came at a difficult time for the Russian consumer: March 1. The market was changing catastrophically fast: some manufacturers have already started suspending deliveries, and retailers are rewriting price tags. So we will refrain from the usual conclusions at the end of the article about the correspondence of price and characteristics, but nothing prevents us from talking about the new products themselves. Moreover, they are worth it.


Are there any other ways to make the smartphone case original? Manufacturers don't stop inventing them. The main feature of vivo V23 was photo chronic glass on the back panel. Its main color is golden, but in natural light, the glass plays with blue and green shades. However, this feature is only available in the "Solar Spectrum" color gadget (there is also "Stardust", it's just black).

And, of course, the building. I can't help it: and it begs comparison with the iPhone, although clear strict edges can hardly be called a unique design decision. Who is the first to get up, and sneakers: now all the "rectangular" cases will be compared with the iPhone. Anyway, it looks interesting. The frame, of course, is metal with two neat facets.

If you turn the device over with the screen facing you... we see the iPhone again. This is because Android smartphones have long used holes in the screen instead of drops and mono brows. But here the situation is not quite standard: it was necessary to fit two cameras at once (more on them later), and there is no point in tearing the screen in two places.

V23e found another way to "make it beautiful". Here, the back panel is decorated with free-form blocks, each of which plays differently in the light. It looks very nice.

It greets us on the front panel... camera in the drop. There are no excuses here-the decision is strange, although I can't say that it's annoying. Well, what difference does it make, a hole in the center or a drop-they look about the same.

The main camera blocks for both smartphones are designed quite standardly.


Screens on an AMOLED matrix are, of course, good. The dimensions and resolutions of both models are the same, but while the V23 has a maximum refresh rate of 90 Hz, the V23e has only 60. Honestly, not enough for the middle class.There are no complaints about color reproduction, and the brightness is also quite enough. Only in bright sunlight does the image lose color, but the text is not lost, and even the small print is perfectly readable. As expected, you can choose the color design of the screen, adjust the color temperature. For those who mostly read, there is a vision protection mode.


Do you still remember what Instagram is? Who are bloggers? So for Insta and blogging, the front camera was more often used, rather than the main one. And if so, we thought in vivo, why not pump it to the front-end.

In both devices, the selfie camera is mounted on a 50 MP sensor. But in the V23, in addition, there is also a wide-angle 8 MP. Yes, yes, a second selfie camera. You can take a close-up shot of yourself, but if you need a large company to fit into the frame, you don't have to stretch your hand far.

  • Main Selfie Camera
  • Wide-angle selfie Camera

Moreover, if you look closely at the top edge of the smartphone, you can also see a couple of LEDs that serve to illuminate the face. By the way, they shine quite brightly.

Since we touched on selfies, I note that the functionality of the front camera is not much inferior to the main one. Here, too, there are different modes (mainly the menu — night, portrait, photo and video), several filters. In portrait mode, it's not only a great butifier, but also various effects. In short, there is really a lot of room for creativity. The quality of shooting is excellent, even if there is a lack of light, you can take well-designed pictures without obvious noise.

What about the main cameras? There are no surprises here. The main module shoots quite well: in automatic mode, even difficult lighting conditions do not become a problem. There is no optical stabilization here, the zoom is also only digital, but due to the high resolution of the sensor, even the 2x mode allows you to shoot without much loss of detail.

  • Main Camera 64 MP
  • Main camera, 2x zoom

The night mode turned out exactly as you would like to see it. Vivo has found a good balance between eliminating noise and maintaining sharpness. In night photos, there is no eye-catching "oversharp", as, in fact, a hell of a lot of noise. At the same time, dark areas remain dark (but not sunken), light ones are not blurred by the areola.

What's really cool is the filters for night modes. There are about a dozen of them here, and each one gives an original effect.

It is better to use a wide angle during daylight hours. And the macro camera, as you might expect, is better not to use at all. Double-zoom shots on the main camera allow you to take much better photos than on a macro without auto focus.


Both smartphones work on MediaTek, and now this does not bother anyone. V23e received a simpler processor, Helio G96 (12 nm process technology) — the same is installed, for example, in POCO M4 Pro. The older model uses the more powerful Dimensity 920, which we liked from the realme 9 Pro+test. The results of testing in Geek bench 5 look like this.

Both gadgets do not warm up even with a large load, the amount of memory is quite sufficient. In general, we can say that the performance of new products is not inferior to the main competitors.


In terms of autonomy, smartphones have nothing to brag about. Still, 4050 mAh for not the most budget V23e-clearly not enough. The battery lasts for a day in any scenario, but competitors successfully find space in the case for 5000 mAh batteries, and this can be a fundamental advantage.

Review of vivo V23 and V23e Smartphones
Review of vivo V23 and V23e Smartphones

Partly saves 44-watt charging: with it for the first 15 minutes of connection, smartphones gain about 30% of the charge. It takes about an hour to replenish the energy reserve to 100%.

Total: our opinion on vivo V23/V23e

Smartphones turned out to be bright in the literal sense of the word. Both look very attractive due to the original back panels, and the V23 can be mistaken for an iPhone at all.

With the shooting is also complete order. The quality does not reach the top level, but the price is also appropriate. Separately, we note the chic front-facing camera and several backlight options for the V23. Screens are good in absolute terms, but if you take into account the offers of competitors, I would like to have a higher refresh rate (this is especially true for the V23e with its 60 Hz).

Among the disadvantages — the strange lack of 3.5 mm jacks (here you could add "yes, who needs them", but let's not forget about the current economic situation) and slightly outdated solutions in the placement of front-facing cameras.

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