Apple recognized the iPhone 6 Plus Obsolete Rrview

Apple recognized the iPhone 6 Plus Obsolete

The first huge iPhone went to the archives of history. One outdated iPhone has become more: Apple officially recognized the iPhone 6 Plus is not modern enough. Ironically, its contemporary iPhone 6 was not included in the list, and the previously released iPhone 5s, too.

New format

In 2022, people are used to large iPhones: the Pro Max series impresses with its dimensions, but it is no longer shocking. The founder of the new standard was the iPhone 6 Plus, so in 2014 it seemed just huge by the standards of Apple phones.
For a long time, Apple released iPhones with 3.5-inch screens, then devices with 4-inch displays appeared, and then a tandem of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus appeared. If the "six" with its 4.7-inch screen looked even more or less normal, the iPhone 6 Plus just shocked. After all, for a long time, Apple rejected the idea of creating an iPhone with a large screen, relying on the mediocre ergonomics of such devices.
However, missing out on the new trend would be a mistake — over time, the big iPhone has proven that size is important. Despite the impressive size and decent price, the iPhone 12 Pro Max occupied a significant share among iPhones in 2020 and 2021

Design for many years to come

A pair of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus came out in a new design: an aluminum case with smooth curves on the sides, a fingerprint scanner under the screen, plastic strips. Then there was a slightly modified iPhone 6s Plus, then the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus, which retained the style of the ancestor, but differed in materials and stepped forward in terms of characteristics.
Apple recognized the iPhone 6 Plus Obsolete Rrview
Apple recognized the iPhone 6 Plus Obsolete Rrview

iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 11

By the standards of 2022, the iPhone 6 Plus can't be called a role model. But even if it is outdated by modern standards due to the large screen frames and relatively small diagonal, it still causes sympathy. For a device of advanced age, it still looks good.

Bendable iPhone

And soon after the appearance of new products, a problem arose: customers complained that smartphones bend in their pockets, the syndrome was called Bendgate. The situation was familiar from the iPhone 5 and 5s, which could be bent by pressing them with force. On the one hand, sitting down with the iPhone 6 Plus in the back pocket of your jeans is not a good idea, on the other hand, it's strange that the developers did not take this moment into account and Apple had to sort out the situation with popular claims.


The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus family sold under 225 million units by June 2017 — an excellent result for the devices.
The characteristics of the iPhone 6 Plus were top-end at the time of release, but for 2022, the Apple A8 chip and 1 GB of RAM are already very small for comfortable use. Unless you use it as a spare phone: the screen is big and good even after so many years, the camera shoots tolerably, Apple Pay works and the usual headphone jack is still in place.
The distant ancestor of the modern iPhone 12 Pro Max and 13 Pro Max has long been a part of the past, and today Apple officially recognized this fact. Goodbye, iPhone 6 Plus, you've become one of the most important iPhones of our time and you're retiring.

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