TECNO Camon 12 & 12 Pro Quick Review 2022

 TECNO Camon 12 & 12 Pro

My hands on and first impression of the TECNO Camon 12 and 12 ProTECNO launched 3 devices. The Camon 12, at 47,500.

The Camon 12 Pro which I think shouldn't more than 55 - 57 thousand and a Camon 12 Air which is the biggest Camon device of them 6.55 inches with a hole punch aaand may never come to Nigeria First thing you notice is that theThe Camon 12 Pro picks up the trend from what we already have in the TECNO Phantom 9 asfar as looks go the back has that same gradient plastic back with branding placements andit has a dedicated Google.

 Assistant button just like the Pouvoir 3 Plus so this is moreof a melding of 2 designs than a new design. They feel very light in the hand and in factdare I say the Camon 12 Pro has the same dimensions as the Phantom 9 because the same case onthe Phantom 9 fits exactly on the Camon 12 Pro. As far as what you get on the display. 

The Camon 12 has a 6.4 inch AMOLED Display. Joining the Phantom 9 and the Pouvoir 3 Plusin having AMOLED as well again, another meld. Unlike the Phantom 9 though, this is not a1080p Display, this is a 720p Display, right at 720 by 1548 and a PPI of 277. The regular camon 12 is actually slightlytaller than the 12 Pro at 6.52 inches compared to 6.4inch display on the Pro. It doesn’t have the Google Assistant buttonthat the Pro has and the the camera is a 16MP selfie compared to 32 on the pro and onlya 5MP wide angle lens and those are pretty much the only differences between them.

The main hype with the Camon line up is thecamera and at the top if the camon 12 pro device is where you get the 32MP front censorinside the water drop notch and earpiece.

 The back camera also serves with a tripleset up. 16MP main camera + 2MP depth sensor + 8MPCamera ultrawide, just exactly like the Phantom 9 and in the back you’ll also see the flashand the Camon branding. On the right side of the Camon 12 it’s thepower button and volume rockers and as mentioned, we get the dedicated Google.

 Assistant button,which I don’t think is remappable and a slot for a dual sim and sd card. On the bottom, it’s still a regular USB,it still has a headphone jack, also microphone and a single speaker. We’ve got the Camon 12 Pro running on HiOS5.5 as well, still the hios we’re familiar with. While the Camon 12 runs on HiOS 5.0.2. 

You also get featured like AI virtual canvasto doodle, Game mode that automatically turns on do not disturb, and also has a quick popup to help quickly answer messages, gesture call picker that picks calls with either aV gestures to answer or a palm gesture to reject the call. It comes with a lot of pre-installed appsyou can uninstall. 

It’s got the mini app and short cut drawerto the side and all the bells and whistles to the side of it. TECNO calls this the smart panel and it’snot necessarily new but one feature I like that they announced is that you can save WhatsAppstatus for more than 24 hours. 

That would be something interesting to findout in an actual review video. Touch sensitivity and haptic feedback in the Camon 12 is pretty much the same as we can tell.

Processor is the Octa-core Hello P22, it runson Android 9 Pie, 64GB of Storage, 6GB RAM and it’s got a 3,500 mAh battery Based on the small hands on time I’ve hadwith this device, the camera quality seemed okay, the regular Camon 12 has a bit of alower saturated image while the Camon 12 Pro is brighter and more saturated but both havethat sharpness locked in as far as picture quality and I look forward to testing thismore in a future video.

TECNO Camon 12 & 12 Pro Quick Review 2022
TECNO Camon 12 & 12 Pro Quick Review 2022

Pricing for the regular Camon 12 is 47,500while the Camon 12 Pro is coming soon. The 12 Air with the hole punch wasn’t specifiedfor launch and price so we’ll just have to wait and see. Alright, those are my initial thoughts anda quick review and over on what I’ve been able to experience. 

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