Nokia 4.2 Unboxing and Review 2022

 Nokia 4.2 Unboxing and Review

The Nokia 4.2 is a 49,000 Naira or $136 dollar budget smartphone from Nokia and I’ve used it for quite a while. I’ll unbox this device, talk about my experience with it, pros and cons and all its features. Without further ado, let’s get to the video. 

The box of the Nokia 4.2 is pretty similarto most modern Android One boxes we’ve gotten from the brand with the specs at the back. Inside the box, you get the device it self with a wrapper which points to the position of the dedicated Google Assistant button. 

We’ll get to it later. Underneath that is the SIM ejector tool on its card, the Get Started Booklet and the Product and Safety info booklet. Inside the side box, we get the accessories,a normal micro-usb charging cable, nice looking headphones, and regular charging brick.

Taking the wraps off, we’ve got the Nokia4.2 in its 5.71 inch panel, wrapped on this curved glass display. It took over 2 minutes to boot and set upand of course, it boots right into the stock android for Nokia or Android One.

The first thing I notice is how big the bezelsare especially since there’s also a pretty large chin with the Nokia logo on it so as far as design in this regard, it seems to work but it seems a bit dated in my opinion. As far as the body or ports and I/O goes,on the right Side we’ve got the volume rockers and the power button which lights up when its plugged in or gets notification from.

At the top is where we get a headphone jack. To the left is the dedicated Google Assistant button and the slot for your sim. There is another microphone at the bottom,USB port and the speaker. On the front of the device is the 8MP selfie camera and the earpiece above it, and towards the bottom is the Nokia logo taking a notice able portion in the chin of the phone. 

On the back, it’s the simple dual 13+2MP camera set up, flash and fingerprint reader with the Nokia branding and more certification sun derneath. One thing I noticed with the 4.2 is that it filled a small part of my hand. I think it’s because I’ve used a lot of6 inch and above smartphones but the Nokia 4.2’s 5.71 inch display and small form factorwas noticeable to me. 

Still on the display, about the numbers, it’sa 720p Display, with a PPi of 295. If you can get past the huge bezels on thisdevice, you won’t have any complaints consuming content as much although I did notice thatthe color was a little less saturated on here and you also can’t hide the notch. It has pretty limited customization optionsin the settings since it’s a quote unquote pure android option.

You have things like Ambient light sensorbut the dark theme on here is just mainly on the app drawer and not really the overalldevice like an actual dark mode. For 49,000 or $136, you get 3GB of RAM and32GB of Storage and so far I’ve not had issues loading light tasks.  I didn’t also get any app crash on me duringmy usage. I mainly limited my usage due to how the graphics was already. I was able to enjoy light gaming for my dayto day use, I also mostly used the Nokia 4.2 with Google maps but the GPS usually wentout sometimes.

The power behind the Nokia 4.2 is the 12nm Snapdragon 439 and Adreno 505 for graphics. It also runs on Android 9 Pie as an Android One Device Then it’s rounded with a 3,000 man battery that can get you through most of the day. I find that I have to charge the device just slightly towards the evenings. I also find that I accidentally hit the Google Assitant button when I take it out of my pocket.

 I think this is a good move for people who use Google Assistant but it’s really distracting and of course you can’t re-program this button but you can disable it. Ways to unlock the 4.2 are Face Unlock and Finger print for Bio metrics and your regular pin and pattern. In terms of speed, both unlocking methods were not insanely fast but it’s there. 

The speaker on the Nokia 4.2 is downward firingand here is how it sounds like The back camera of the Nokia 4.2 has a Live Bokeh mode with the aid of the second lens, Pro,Photo and video mode and some extra modes including Google lens. 

Nokia 4.2 Unboxing and Review 2022
Nokia 4.2 Unboxing and Review 2022

The same modes exist on the front camera sideof things and work well, expect of course Google Lens. Most of the shots I took here required alotof patience because it’s easy to blur the shots. The colors looked okay but they were lesssaturated.

And shots with alot of zoom in them usuallyget noisy with chromatic aberration. Alright so this is the front facing cameravideo quality of the Nokia 4.2, let me know what you think about the video quality aswell as the sound quality in the comments section down below. For a price of about 50,000 would you getthis budget smartphone or would you not? 

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