Infinix Hot 8 Unboxing & Review 2022

Infinix Hot 8 Unboxing & Review 2022

Infinix Hot 8 and in this video, I’ll unbox and share my experience with this device as I’ve been using it for the past week now, so I feel I can share some knowledge on it. For context, the Hot 7 was launched in January of 2019, which was an Android 8,

Go Edition device with only 1 and 2GB RAM options, while the Hot 7 Pro came later in March, and was an upgrade with Android 9 bigger 3GB and 6GBram and better storage. And now in September, we get the Hot 8 which is a sleeker-looking device because of the waterdrop notch but it’s in between the previous 2 with a 2GB and 4GB RAM option and 32 or 64GB storage.

I’ll cover all the details, my experience, its pros and cons and more. Without further ado. Firstly as far as unboxing, the Hot 8 has a pretty familiar case. Right on the box is 4G LTE, 32GB of Storage and the files app which we’ll get to later and of course the specs and promoted SIM cards on the back. Inside the box, the first thing we get is the Infinix Hot 8 itself which has got a 5,000 mah battery thing time, probably the biggest battery in the new.

Hot series this year, 6.6-inch HD+ still 720p display, Dirac Sound Mode which we haven’t seen in a while on the hot series, triple camera set up and the Files app which is from Google’s partnership with Infinix to make your phone faster. I’ll be getting to these in a bit as well as the device later. 

Inside the box, we’ve also got the customer service card, and underneath that is the gift box which houses the sim ejector tool. Inside the said box, we’ve got the X Club to invite, the User manual and this nice soft case with a lot of illustrations and this case are similar to what we had on the Smart 3 Plus from Infinix. I also used it alot during my day to day use. 

Still in the box, we’ve got a screen protector, An boarding card for the Google Files app with the explainers on how you can Clean your phone by freeing up space, Browse your files faster and share files without using data, which we’ll explore much later. We also get the regular charging brick, earpiece and the normal usb 2 cables. That’s pretty much all that we get in the box. 

When we take the wrap off the Hot 8, we see the 6.6-inch device with that waterdrop notch and visible camera at the top and a full glossy layout at the front. Taking the wrap off the back also shows you the gradient polycarbonate back which ties into these new trends. Right at the back, is where we get the triple-camera setup with flash, the fingerprint reader, and Infinix’s logo. At the bottom of the back is the Hot inscriptionand Designed by Infinix below it. 

On the right side, we get a kind of textured power button and volume rockers. On top, there’s nothing there and on the left side is where we get the micro sd card and sim slot. The Slot is expandable by 256 GB compared to 128GB of expandable storage on both the Hot 7 and the Hot 7 Pro. On the bottom of the Hot 8, we’ve got the speaker grille, USB port, microphone port and headphone jack. 

On the front of the Hot 8 is where we’vegot the earpiece and below it is the 8MP selfie camera, with an actual front facing flashlight. FUN FACT: When you’re booted in, you canturn on the flash light of the front and the back together for a 360 degree light source. It took me exactly 2 minutes to set up the Infini Hot 8 from boot up skipping some of the steps and this ushers us into XOS Cheetahbased on Android 9.

 With the same tool and app shortcut drawer to the side and all the extra modes at the control centre. The Display of the Hot 8 is a 720p LCD Displayjust like the other 2 Hot series devices earlier this year so youtube videos would be a max of 720p and not 1080p, it’s exactly 720 x 1600 with an 81.5% screen to body ratio. As far as viewing angles it just looks fine both indoors and outdoors.

Infinix Hot 8 Unboxing & Review 2022
Infinix Hot 8 Unboxing & Review 2022

 It gets plenty bright as well. I felt the bottom bezels were quite big and in fact, you can still hide the notch to match the chin. It’s got eye care, read mode and you canadjust the fonts as well. You can also adjust the position of the capacitive buttons if you want. I personally used the Mixer mode instead of the regular buttons as it felt more cleaner to me. 

You have this same iPhone style bar to swipeup for multitasking and also a home button. Something that’s also pretty interesting is the slider feature to view all the open apps. Just a well-utilized version of Android 9of course that we’re used to. Moving on to the build quality of the Hot8, the back of this device is, of course, a fingerprint magnet but I was able to use the case throughout my own usage to help with this, both structurally and aesthetically. 

The Case also looks good. The device is 8.7mm thick which is .7 thicker than both the Hot 7 and 7 pro which is both 8mm. This is definitely in my opinion because ofthe larger 5,000 mAh Battery that’s embedded inside. Speaking of battery, I played PUBG for 1 hourstraight which consisted of 3 games and from 38% while also screen recording, it went downto 23% which was quite impressive. 

I definitely had a hard time enjoying any game I played specifically on the Hot 8 because I got significant lag in everyone, it was most noticeable in PUBG despite being in the low graphics settings and even Asphalt9 didn’t play well, and when I reduced it to Performance Mode, it still had lagged in graphics for gamers, I wouldn’t recommend. 

Charging speed varied as well and from 0 - 100%in just a little over 2 hours, exactly 2 hours and 30 minutes. My model comes with 32GB of onboard (Storage which is expandable to 256GB) and 2GB of RAM, there’s a 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage version. My version should cost around $90 or N32,500Naira and as far as actual performance, loading tasks were quite fine. 

The Hot 8 runs on the Helio A22 a 12nm chip compared to 16nm on the Hot 7 Pro and 28nm on the regular Hot 7, and as you know, the smaller the nm the faster it is so the Hot 8 is faster than the previous Hot devices this year. 

Now, remember I mentioned that on this device we've got the Files app. Basically, Infinix’s partnership with Google for this Hot 8 means that there’s a much smaller sized Files App that can help you clean up storage space on your phone, right now I can clear up an extra 4GB of storage on my phone and also as you probably know, every Gmail user has 15GB of free storage, with the files app, you can easily back up your files, images movies and more. Lastly, for those with the Files app, youcan easily share files. It’s more like Xender but optimized for your phone specifically. 

Phone calls on this phone were decent all through, no single complaint at all and I didn’t really get any network issue during my use. In terms of locking and unlocking security, you can only register one face to your device unlike 5 fingers but I like that you get the option to alter the behaviour of your device when you unlock It and fingerprint was faster than face unlocks just by a few microseconds. 

There’s a total of 4 cameras on the Infinix Hot 8 and easily, the one in front is an 8MP camera which is accompanied by a flash as I mentioned earlier and the back has got a 13MP main camera, 2MP camera which is for depth sensing and a VGA camera right below all of them. As far as image quality on the Infinix Hot8, I found that the HDR quality was quite good even at sunset, although the regular mode shots were just fine and sometimes lost regions of the image and were inconsistent, the HDR mode really brings out the quality here. 

It does shine a bit with its contrast and colour saturation profile but the clouds are usually exposed. Outdoor selfies are bright and with the rightangles, you can’t go wrong with how sharp it looks. In the dark, pictures, no matter how they are shot are usually noisy, the flash helps it but I wouldn’t really recommend night selfies unless the moment is really important then that way somethings can be overlooked. Portrait Mode was also impressive, Although it softens images, it still looks usable. 

Zoom quality on the Hot 8 will always introducesome grain into the mix. I know it doesn’t have a telephoto lens but again for almost 33,000. It’s something to think of. Video quality on the Hot 8 is only fair and there's no optical or electronic image stabilization. So in summary, I think the battery on the 8 is great and it lasts really well,

I wish it had a fast charger bundled with it as it would have been an ultimate combination and I wish it didn’t have ads in it. Also, gaming on this device wasn’t a pleasant experience, I’m hoping that the 4GB RAM version would deliver better results however, with Google’s File optimization, you may be able to get the most out of this device, other than with games. 

So if I were to recommend this device, it would be for users who need a big battery smartphone from Infinix but aren’t super into gaming. XOS Cheetah is on pretty much all the latest Infinix devices so something like the Hot 7 Pro, although dated, may be a good choice. However, this has its own advantages in a bigger battery and Google files optimization among other things. 

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