TECNO Pouvoir 3 Plus Review vs Pouvoir 3 - 5,000 or 6,000 mAh Battery

  TECNO Pouvoir 3 Plus Review vs Pouvoir

TECNO Pouvoir 3 Plus is the immediate successor to the Pouvoir 3 which are both entry-level devices and are in the Pouvoir series. 

The Pouvoir series is famed for having huge battery capabilities, for a frame of reference, the regular Pouvoir 3 has 5,000 mah while this Pouvoir 3 Plus has 6,000 mAh. I’ve had it for over a month now and I've been able to use it for quite a few tasks and was able to drain the battery to an extent. In this video, I’ll unbox and give my review after this time on the Pouvoir 3 Plus and I will compare it to the Pouvoir 3.

I’ve provided timestamps at the description of this video so if you want to jump to a section you’re welcome to check to see exactly what you’re looking for. Without further ado, let’s get to the video. Firstly, In the box of the Pouvoir 3 Plus, you get the device itself with all the features that TECNO is teasing especially that 6,000mAh Battery for 5 days.

 It’s 4G LTE capable, 32GB of Storage, Google Assistant is more prominent from what we can see and in my previous video about the newly released Camon 12 and 12 Pro, you can clearly see the similar Google Assistant button that they share. There are more features which we’ll look into later but we’ll continue that later. Underneath all that is the SIM ejector tool, we get these new TECNO headphone designs which are more reminiscent of EarPods from apple, we get the charging cable and the power adapter. 

Underneath that is the usual 12+1 month warranty card with the terms and we get the onboarding card for Google Assistant. Further down is the Specification Manual, and a nice soft-touch case that feels nice in the hand. As I took the wrap off the 3 Plus, I’m seeing the 6.35-inch glossy panel and another shiny polycarbonate material on the back. The back of this phone has a striking resemblance to its elder brother, the Phantom 9 with the stripe pattern on the back. 

Only that it’s not a gradient on the 3 Plus. However, when you look at the Predecessor which is the regular Pouvoir 3, you’ll notice the straight down stripe on the back which has the camera, flash and Branding inside. Still, on the back of the Pouvoir 3 Plus, it's a triple camera set up here. 13M main shooter, 8MP wide-angle and 2Mp depth sensor. It’s pretty close to the triple set up on the Phantom 9 only difference is instead of 13 on the 3 Plus, we’ve got 16MP on the phantom. We’ve got the flash, Pouvoir branding, fingerprint reader and the TECNO branding. 

We’ve got nothing on the top and on the right side is where we’ve got the power button and volume rockers. The left side has the Google Assistant button and the dual Sim and micro-sd card slot. On the regular Pouvoir 3, there are 2 slots on either side. One for the Sd card and the other for the micro sd card, which I don’t think people use anymore. The bottom part of the Pouvoir 3 Plus has got a speaker, regular USB port, microphone and headphone jack. 

The Povouir 3 Plus is 9.2mm slim thick while the regular Pouvoir 3 is 8.5mm and of course know that they 6000 and 5000 mAh batteries respectively, I think this is a major attribute to their size differences. In front of the Pouvoir 3 Plus is the 16MPselfie sensor, earpiece right above it and this has the dual flashlight we’ve been seeing on the recent TECNO devices. Booting and set up time was about 2 minutes and it’s straight into HiOS 5.0.2. This is the same shared version with the regular Camon 12 and it’s pretty much familiar TECNO features with the side panel for app and tool shortcut toggling, bike model in the control centre but this time, around I’ve gotten a lot of bloatware apps in form of games and quick games but on the bright side, they could be fun if you’re into that. I wish it was a bit free of it or little. 

There’s no side panel on the older Pouvoir3. I’d say the display was generally brighter on the pouvoir 3 plus and the colours are definitely more vibrant because it’s an OLED panel compared to the LCD of the regular Pouvoir 3. The Pouvoir 3 Plus is slightly taller and in terms of colour variants for each of them, they both come in Black, Blue and this Champagne Gold. 

TECNO Pouvoir 3 Plus Review vs Pouvoir 3
TECNO Pouvoir 3 Plus Review

We get a 720p Display at 720 by 1548 in terms of resolution and of course viewing YouTube or streaming, in general, is capped at 720p. Which still leaves me wanting more to be desired. What distinguishes both quite well are their notches. The Pouvoir 3 utilized a more dated notch while the 3 Plus has a few drop notch up top. Other than that, I wish it was a higher display quality but considering the price, at about 47k for the Pouvoir 3 Plus and 40K for the normal Pouvoir 3, at a 7,000 Naira difference still it’s sort of manageable. 

Okay, moving on. I also have nothing to compare to as nearly all the other new devices this year are 720p except for the Phantom 9 which is more top of the line and it’s 1080p. Both the Pouvoir 3 and the Pouvoir 3 Plus are very different in terms of their body designs. The regular P3 utilizes a single camera on the back while the Pouvoir 3 Plus uses a triple camera set up which is a major upgrade. 

The Back of the Pouvoir 3 has a stripe down the middle compared to a subtle line inscription all over the back of the Pouvoir 3 plus. They both aren’t super heavy devices, but the Pouvoir 3 Plus weighs quite more than the Pouvoir 3 and on a scale that is 193 for the Pouvoir 3 Plus and 166 for the Pouvoir 3. In terms of the user interface the Pouvoir3 utilizes a gold look throughout while the default apps and accents as well as the background. This is something you can either love a lot or not. 

TECNO goes for a softer approach on the thePouvoir 3 Plus and there’s more clutter on the 3 Plus in my opinion. The Pouvoir 3 Plus runs on Android 9 on HiOS5.0.2 while the regular Pouvoir 3 runs on Android 8 Oreo 4.1.0, another reason why it may not be on your radar considering Android 10 is here in the last quarter of the year. 

One neat feature of HiOS on the Pouvoir 3Plus specifically is multiple accounts. I’ve not seen this feature in any otherHiOS device and they were up to date. Even on the HiOS 5.5 which is higher on the Camon 12 Pro. Apparently, you can open 2 different WhatsApp or Instagram accounts. Basically, any of the four Facebook company accounts are on here. In terms of performance, the Pouvoir 3 Plus is quite better than the 3 even when you look at the price difference.

The Pouvoir 3 Plus has got a 12nm Octacoreprocessor in the Helio P22 while the regular Pouvoir 3 only has a 28nm Quad-core processor both phone’s processors are from Mediatek. In terms of my actual usage and performance. I did enjoy gaming and using it overall. I did experience minor lags but it wasn’tanything that would have made me throw away my phone, you would enjoy social media and watching videos generally on the Pouvoir 3 Plus and I did prefer it over the Pouvoir3. My Pouvoir 3 Plus has 3GB of RAM compared to 2 on the regular version. 

They both have 32GB of storage and the battery life is where another significant distinction happens. Something I usually use to benchmark is a1 hour gaming test and while I’m gaming I screen record. I did that with PUBG for both the Pouvoirand Pouvoir 3 Plus. On the 3 Plus, I started Gaming at 88% and after 1 hour, it was down to 77%. It felt quite warm to the touch here but wasn’tanything drastic.

After 1 hour of gaming P3 however, from 90%it went down to 79% for 1 hour. So basically from my tests, after 1 hour of the scene recorded gaming, both phones when down by 11% which is interesting. In terms of unlocking methods, they both utilize physical fingerprint scanners which were slightly faster in the Pouvoir 3 Plus. You also get Face Unlock but it’s mainly a picture method as opposed to a 3d depth scanner but it works. 

Again much faster on the Pouvoir 3 Plus asopposed to the Pouvoir 3. Also During my use, I mistakenly press theGoogle Assistant button a lot, and some people usually assume it’s a power button because of how it’s coloured. I would have taken a coloured power button instead of a dedicated google assistant button but if you can get used to it then it's fine. 

Other things to note are that the regular pouvoir 3 comes with Bluetooth 4.2 while the pouvoir 3 plus has Bluetooth 5.0, they're both USB 2.0 but the Pouvoir 3 Plus is a reversible connector. Also, the charging indicator is constant when the screen is off on both of them, however, I found the regular Pouvoir 3 had more consistent notification feedback. I thought the phone call quality was just fine and I personally used the Pouvoir 3 Plus a lot more for basic things. 

Both phones have a single speaker at the bottom and in my experience, I didn’t use it often, I leaned more towards wireless earphones but here's how they sound: I my experience, the Pouvoir 3 Plus and Pouvoir3 both sound a bit scratched up lacking much bass but again, the Pouvoir 3 Plus sounded a little bit better to my ears. Also, there’s quite a lot of adverts on these phones so if that’s something you’re not into, well it may be a turn-off. In terms of cameras, they both utilize 13MPfront cameras on the front and the back is where everything changes. 

The back of the Pouvoir 3 Plus has a triple camera set up which shoots 8MP UltraWide, 13MP wide and 2MP depth. The Pouvoir 3 itself is a single 13M back sensor as well. In terms of photos here are my thoughts: There’s portrait mode on both the Pouvoir3 and 3 Plus, however, there’s no dedicated depth sensor on the regular Pouvoir 3. 

Even when I tested the Pouvoir 3 Plus with another similar device to the Pouvoir 3, the 3 Plus always did better. Selfies were okay but overly saturated o the thePouvoir 3 and kind of washed out on the Pouvoir 3 Plus. They represented their red and greens well and again the regular Pouvooir 3, the saturation was a bit cranked up compared to that of the3 Plus. This is noticeable throughout even in the yellows, you can see how saturated it looks. 

I still just like the Pouvoir 3 Plus a lot more in this regard.     That’s pretty much it for my review and comparison of the Pouvoir 3 and 3 Plus. The obvious choice is the Pouvoir 3 Plus because of all the value it has over its predecessor. It’s faster and better looking and I think it's worth it if you look out for battery on your devices even though they kind of perform roughly the same.

 As I mentioned on Twitter, I’ll be giving 2 devices and it has come to that. The Pouvoir 3 Plus is one of the devices I'll be giving so do share this video, if you found it useful share it with your friends to get the knowledge of these products. 

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