Realme GT Master Edition Price in Pakistan - Mobile Pricex

Realme GT Master Edition Price in Pakistan - Mobile Pricex

Earlier this year, Realme announced the division of its flagship line into camera phones and processor phones (Camera Flagships and Performance Flags), and released the first smartphone from the second category-Realme GT (video review. He received a top-end hardware in the face of Snapdragon 888, a relatively simple camera and a very nice price tag. This combination made it a real hit, and Realme's plans changed: the X line, which was supposed to represent the same Camera Flagships, was closed, and the GT series introduced phones with less productive hardware and more interesting cameras. The youngest of these new products was called Realme GT Master Edition, and we will talk about it today.

Complete set and design 

The Realme GT Master Edition comes in a huge black box with a nice standard package: the phone itself, a USB cable, a SIM needle, a protective case, and a 65-watt charger. There should still be documentation, but we have a copy for journalists without it. It's nice that the phone comes with everything you really need to use it.

Realme GT Master (let me call it that, who needs this word Edition at all?) it is available in three colors, but I don't see the point in buying it in white or black versions – only gray. And not because I somehow liked the gray color, but because only this color received an eco-leather back panel with embossed stripes inspired by the design of suitcases. This unusual solution was conceived by industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa, who has long collaborated with Realme and comes up with design versions of its smartphones for the company. And the "suitcase" case looks and feels very cool!

And even cooler is that the gray Realme GT Master case repeats the relief of the rear panel, so that an interesting design solution is not lost when wearing the case. The case itself is high-quality, with all the necessary sides and protrusions, and it will become a reliable protection for the phone. In general, for the design of an unambiguous like-except that Naoto Fukasawa should have a good talk with the one who came up with the idea to write MATRIX AI CAMERA on the camera block. Well, that's why!

The smartphone has a 3.5 mm audio jack, but there is no stereo sound from the speakers: conversational does not play sounds. There are two slots for SIM cards, but there is no microSD tray, so you will have to decide on the amount of memory immediately when buying. The fingerprint scanner is built into the screen, it works accurately and quite quickly, although it is optical, but it is located quite low – some people do not like this position. And I'm on the contrary: this makes it less likely to unlock your phone accidentally, which I sometimes do with other devices.

GT Master — GT

The ergonomics of the Realme GT Master are excellent, not least thanks to the not-so-large 6.43"screen. The aspect ratio is 20: 9, and the resolution is standard 2400 x 1080 pixels. The panel is completely flat, which makes it easy to stick a protective film on it (if the one pasted from the factory suddenly gets frayed), and also eliminates image distortion at the edges. Refresh rate-120 Hz, touch frequency-360 Hz. True, 360 Hz is only promised to be delivered with an update (at the time of writing - I don't know how now), but for now 240 Hz, but this is behind the eyes. There is DC Dimming, and it is very cool that the high frequency of the screen is compatible with this function – otherwise PWM is prohibitive without it.


Well, nothing new here – Android 11 and Realme UI 2.0. Convenient, functional, fast shell. I don't really like its design, but it's pure taste and cockroaches in my head, so don't pay attention – the software is good. For all the time of use (and the Realme GT Master was my main and only phone for a week) I only encountered one problem: sometimes auto-rotation fails. But I don't even know if this is a software glitch or if we got a defective phone for the test.


The Realme GT Master features a triple camera setup. At first glance, it is the same as that of the Realme GT: the base is 64 MP, the width is 8 MP, the macro plug is 2 MP. But everything is not what it seems: the main and wide-angle cameras have a different equivalent focal length. In terms of the main camera, this is 26 mm for the GT versus 25.3 mm for the GT Master, in terms of width-15.7 mm for the GT versus 15.8 mm for the GT Master. 

That is, the main camera became a little more wide-angle, and shirik, on the contrary, began to see a little less. The difference is small, but it clearly shows that smartphones use different optics. In addition, the sensors of the main cameras differ: both there and there are 64 MP, but the GT uses ~1/1. 7 "Sony IMX682 sensor, and the Master sensor is not specified in the specifications, but the optical size is only 1/2". That is, if in GT the sensor diagonal was about 10 mm, then here it is about 8.5 mm. It is clear that the Master camera captures less light.

Realme GT

However, the quality of the photo is more affected not by hardware differences, but by software ones – if the Realme GT tries to shoot beautifully, then the Master chooses severe naturalness. However, for some reason this does not apply to the wide-angle camera, which does not mind covering the photo with vigorous colors in the best traditions of Huawei. It's a little strange that two cameras in one smartphone shoot so differently. And I just got a street shooting mode.

Performance and tests 

The hardware foundation of the Realme GT Master is the main mid-range chipset of 2021, the Snapdragon 778G. It is still quite rare. Its slightly overclocked Snapdragon 780G version is the basis for the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G – and now it has unlocked the video recording function 2160p@60fps. Let's look at the screenshots first:


We tested the processor in two modes, the simplest and the game+GT . There is almost no difference between the modes, so you can not bother switching them and use any of them. But the most interesting thing is that the performance of the 778G in the long run is practically not inferior to the 888! In the computational core test, their results differ within the margin of error, and in the graphics test, you can see a huge gap in favor of the 888 at first, which is sharply reduced due to throttling, and in the end it turns out to be around 20-30%. At the same time, the 888 gets very hot during the test, and the 778G emits no more heat than budget chips like 720G/732G.

If you look at the behavior of the Snapdragon 778G in games, it is also impossible not to rejoice. In not the most demanding games, everything is just fine, there are no lags and slowdowns, the frame rate is stable. If you look at top titles like Genshin Impact, then at first 888 shows itself a little better in them, but over time it starts to lag, and 778G-no! You can see these wonders with your own eyes in the video review, but after" warming up", the 778G produces a much smoother video sequence in the" gene " than the 888. And all this-with less heat!

But where without tar. In this case, there are two spoons, and both of them were prepared by Realme itself out of its own stupidity. The first one – for some reason disabling the increased screen refresh rate in games (you will not have 120 fps, only a stable 60 fps), and the second-by removing stereo sound. In games, it is sometimes not enough, especially for shooters. And, probably, these features do not allow the Realme GT Master to be considered a "gaming smartphone" – it has enough performance.

The battery capacity is relatively modest: 4300 mAh. Battery life, as a result, is also without frills: it is rarely possible to knock out more than five hours of the screen on a single charge. Even if you use auto-brightness and auto-screen frequency, and don't enable GT mode. For two hours of video display (max. brightness, sound off) the smartphone is discharged by 17%, for an hour in the game-by 30%. If the first indicator is quite normal, then the second, of course, does not go through any gates. I can't imagine how Realme managed to get the smartphone to discharge so quickly without getting too hot.

Review of the Realme GT Master Edition: a middleman who is better than the flagship

65-watt fast charging completely replenishes the charge in a little more than half an hour. I didn't notice any problems with the quality of communication, but I can note the unexpectedly low quality of GPS operation – at the level of Helio budgets. I've never noticed this behavior on Snapdragon phones. RAM is always 8 GB, but it can be either 128 GB or 256 GB permanent. A paging file of up to 5 GB is supported. NFC is available, Google Pay works.


Some time ago I wrote a review of the Realme GT and recommended it for purchase, but now I realize that I was wrong. The Master version was so successful that there is no point in the flagship: the Snapdragon 778G is almost as good as the 888 in performance, and the cool design from Naoto Fukasawa outweighs such small compromises as mono sound, an average video camera or a battery that is draining in a day. 

Realme GT Master Edition Price in Pakistan - Mobile Pricex
Realme GT Master Edition
And after all, Realme GT Master is also cheaper than the regular version: you can find it for about 21,000 rubles for promotions, which we regularly write about in our discount Telegram group. For this money, it has almost no competitors, and if you are looking for something in this price category, be sure to take a closer look at it. But always "suitcase"!

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