Infinix S5 Unboxing & Review 2021-2022

 Infinix S5 Unboxing & Review 2021-2022

Okay so check this out guys, I could use Air Gestures where I could actually wave at my phone to reject a call or do a 2 finger sort of peace sign to answer calls. And it worked like 80% of the time.  I think this feature would be useful if for instance, your hands are soiled. Welcome to the unboxing and review of the Infinix S5. 

This is Infinix’s 6th installment to their S-Series line up, since 2016, I explained all about the launch in the previous videowhich you can check out if you want some context. Long story cut short, we’ve got 2 models of the Infinix S5 or the main line up which has a 4GB RAM and 64GB storage version thatcosts 53,000 Naira, then the 6GB and 12GB Storage version that costs 62,500 which is the top tier version. The version I have with me is the 4 and 64 configuration. 
Infinix S5 Unboxing & Review 2021-2022
 Infinix S5 Unboxing & Review 2021-2022

Then we’ve got the S5 Lite with 4GB RAMand 64GB of storage that goes for 46,500 Naira, and then 3GB and 32 Storage version that goes for 42,500 Naira. So in all 2 sets of 2 devices each making a total of four devices and of course as I said my review is based on the 4 and 64GBconfiguration. In this video, I’ll be sharing my thoughts about it based on my experience using it. I’ll also share the pros and cons, things I liked and things.

 I felt could have been better, as well and as always , I’ll have my timestamps in the description if you want to skip ahead to different sections of this review to get informed faster and I have a surprise gift for someone, so stick around till the end of this video. Without further ado, let’s get to the it. 

The box is pretty identical to the box of the Infinix Hot 8 which I reviewed much earlier. Anyway, diving right into the unboxing ofthis device, you get the usually prints around it with free data for some network providers. What’s new on the box though is the 100days of broken screen repairs you get. The first thing you see in the box is the smart phone itself, with the inscriptions right on it. You get the 6.6 inch Infinity O Display. 32MP HDR Camera, Quad Camera Set up and a4,000 mah battery. We’ll get to the device later. Right underneath it is the Warranty Card. And the upper box. Right on that is the sim ejector tool.

 Inside the box, we get the user manual, x club member invite, care + documentation for that 100 day screen damage repair. Then we’ve got the transparent case which looks and feels good, holding the phone together making it grippable and then we’ve got the screen protector. For what’s in the rest of the box, we get the headphones, charging cable and the regular power adaptor. That’s all for what’s in the box and now, we’ll get to the device itself.

Taking that wrap off the front of the note8 shows you that flush 6.6 inch screen and on the back, We’re greeted with the Quetzal Cyan striped polycarbonate material. Color options for the S5 include Quetzal Cyan which we have here, Midnight black and Violet. It took 1 minute and 15 seconds to boot and set up the Infinix S5 without Face ID or Fingerprint. 

This ushers us into XOS 5.5 based on Android9 with some improvements and features which I’ll share later. As far as the ports and I/O goes, we get nothing on the top pf this device, ,on the right side is where we’ve got the volume rockers and  power button, the left side has the sim and micro sd card slot for up to 256 GB of extra storage. 

On the bottom of the device we get the speaker grille, USB 2 transfer and charging port, microphone port and headphone jack. I think we could have at least gotten a USBC port for the price of up to 63,000. The front of the S5 houses the 32MP camera in that hole-punch which is the main attraction for the front of the device. Above it is the ambient light sensor and earpiecetucked away nicely and on the back, we get the quad camera setup with the same inscription written beside it, quad flash, fingerprint reader and Infinix logo. 

Moving towards the lower regions, we’ve got the S logo and designed by Infinix. The device doesn’t weight too much even with the case on. Overall usability and feel in the hand was quite fine in my opinion. It’s a mesh between unibody on the backand raised on the front so there’s a ridge as you hold on the edge The display on this device is quite tall, at 6.6 inches. It’s a 720p Display. 720 by 1600 with a medium 270 pixel per inch. 

Of course youtube videos are capped at 720p. In terms of the quality, I’ll say it’s what I expected, I wasn’t distracted by the hole punch display really. It’s just that it’s 720p, this is something I wish was better on this device because competitors like Xiaomi already provide FHD display devices with up to 2340 by 1080p one of which I reviewed earlier and it comes at almost the same price as the S5, this is something that could sway potential interest from buyers but yeah, I wish it was 1080p. There’s no visible vignette or screen bleeding but if you angle the phone slightly you would see a small shadow under the camera but it’s not so much of a big deal. 

You can also hide the notch but that creates this weird gigantic forehead which I think defeats the whole point of getting the device in the first place. There’s also no dark mode. Only search of Dark in the settings brings an app.. which we don’t even know what it does.

 I also like that there’s a dedicated or should I say prominent section for System navigation in the settings. Here you can see the 3 types. Key Navigation buttons which are the default, then there’s Gesture Navigation which is just okay, it kind of mimics the Key navigation with swipes. Swipe up on the right side to go back, the middle to go home and the left to multitask and mix navigation which I very much prefer. A mix of both gesture and key navigation to show the back button and you can even swipe between applications. Now to additional features. 

Okay so check this out guys, I could use Air Gestures where I could actually do a hand sign at my phone to reject a call or do a2 finger sort of peace sign to answer calls and even puts it on loud speaker. Eh…It worked like 80% of the time. I think this feature would be useful if for instance, your hands are soiled. For accuracy, it has to be far away but around the camera’s line of sight. You can save WhatsApp stories of specific people on WhatsApp for more than 24 hours which, maybe it’s a close relative who you often enjoy their stories. 

These stories will be downloaded and saved. In the social turbo app, you can even chooseto save these files from up to 15 Days to forever and there’s a toggle to automatically save WhatsApp status that you’ve browsed. It also has a beauty filter for WhatsApp video calls, so you look prettier….I don’t know.. why you would do that but hey! It’s a feature.

To access this features for Whatsapp simplyh it XOS Labs in the settings and you should see a Social Turbo setting. In terms of day to day use, I’ll say watching videos or browsing social media was smooth for the most part. I didn’t notice any deviation from the norm as much, however, if you’re consuming alot of media, music, videos etc, infinix provides some head phones in the box. As far as sound quality from play back, you’ve got a single speaker right down there. 

In terms of Microphone quality and speaker quality and here’s how it sounds: It did lack some bass in the music playbackbut it was fairly loud with a bit of crunch to it, in terms of the microphone quality though, it did sound quite clear and better than some devices within this price range that I’ve tested. As far as the specifications go, the InfinixS5 comes with a Helio P22 Octa-core processor and from the previous video I made, a lot of people weren’t too pleased about this addition.

In my experience using this device, however, I didn’t get any noticeable lag or drawback but a true test to know if this processor isn’t compatible would be a much longer period of usage. Especially since it’s quite priced competitively with smartphones shipping with Snapdragon 665s. My S5 here comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GBof storage which can be expanded by a further 256GB. 

There’s a maximum version with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage so basically when it is maxed out you can get up to 348GB of storage. . I’ll leave a link to where you can check for the specifications and read more about the specs in the description below. About their availability, on the 12th of Novemberpre-orders would end for the S5s. 

Game play in my experience was okay, PUBG’s graphics was a default low because it’s of Course a 720p display there was no lagin the graphics as well since it was low. I did experience a little warmness in theh and during gameplay but that quickly went away. As far as battery life on the S5s, In my usage the 4,000 maH did last for quite the time, ALTHOUGH heavy use did drain the battery alot due to over testing, at the end of the day I usually had about 20 - 30% remaining after using it for calls, social media, browsing and more basic uses. When it comes to charging speed. It took 30 minutes to get from 0 - 19% andan other 30 minutes to get to 39%, so basically that’s 0 to 39 or approximately 40% in 1hour. In total, it took 3 hours to get to 100% from0%.

What are your thoughts? Also about unlocking methods, you get face unlock which is pretty fast and lets you choose how it behaves after its application and fingerprint which just works fine, nothing too fancy like an in-display fingerprint reader.

When it comes to the camera of the InfinixS5, Infinix is more in the game of numbers or quantity if you will. Just like other competitors, we get a quad AI Camera on the back with a hole punch 32MP Camera The specs on those quad cameras, from the top to bottom are 1, a 2MP depth sensor, 2, 16MP f1.8 wide lens. 3, a 5MP ultra wide lens.

 Which also doubles as the macro lens. The last lens doesn’t hide anything whenit’s covered but on stage Infinix claims that the fourth lens should be a VGA Low light camera which Infinix called AI Camera Lens. I’m guessing so since even when it’s covered, it doesn’t affect the scene detection feature. The camera app is pretty much the standard app, no pro mode however, you get this nice animation you switch to the front camera.

 It’s also got Google Lens which can be useful in some scenarios as well. Portrait mode shots of my hand came out quite well because the edges were defined and in fact, there’s such high detail. Something like a face which is usually what is snapped more in portrait mode wouldn’t really come out well as they are usually soft or washed out in a way and the edges are super cut making it look really artificial. Wide angle shots vs 1x shots were quite different, it looked a little faded on the wide angle while the 1x lens was just normal in the colors with slight saturation.

HDR shots looked quite pleasant as well. Video on here isn’t stabilized and the High estsetting for video on the cameras is 1080 at 30 fps. It also did struggles with exposure and focus sometimes but a tripod and a 3rd party app could help. 

That’s it for this video, do let me know what your thoughts are about the Infinix S5, In terms of my verdict, I’d say that theS5’s hole punch design brings about a nicely designed smartphone, however, it isn’t the best in terms of camera quality which may sway a lot of people, for almost 63,000 Naira ,I could commend Infinix for adding a 128GB storage device to their line up but processing power is something that means a lot to customers and this may not be at their vantage pointas far as it goes.

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