TECNO Camon 15 Premier Unboxing and Review

TECNO Camon 15 Premier

The TECNO Camon 15 Premiere, also known as the Camon 15 Pro in India is the 2020 release that makes TECNO have their first pop up camera smart phone.  This is coming at a time where we’re facinga global pandemic and there isn’t a physical launch with press, however there was an Online launch with Wizkid who is now a Brand Ambassador for TECNO.

Wait, Infinix has Davi do and TECNO has Wizkid,do you see where I’m going with this? Haha, Anyway in this video, we’re goingto be unboxing the Camon 15 and I’ll be doing a quick review on it. As always guys, I’ll have my time stampsin the description if you want to get to any section of this video for quick information. Without further ado, let’s get to the video. 

First things first, the Camon 15 Premiere’boxis quite the premium looking one with embossed Designs & all the features, 64MP ultra quad camera, ultra night lens, 32mp pop up selfie camera and 6.6inch display and also the usual TECNO warranty. In India and some parts where this device was announced earlier, this would read Camon 15 Pro instead of premiere but that out of the way let’s dive in. Inside the box, there’s another embossedsmaller box, inside that is where we get that soft touch case with a design that matches the device and we also have the warranty badge like we usually do. 

The next thing we have is the sim ejector tool just when you open this box. In the retail package; you should have a warranty card and user manual or set up guide but this is a review unit. Underneath that box is where we get the Camon15 Premier with all those features we mentioned earlier on the front sticker, there’s also an indication that this is 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM, nice. 

We’ll keep the device to the side first and taking the separator to get to the accessories, we’ve got a standard charger, micro usb cord, and not USB C again, which is a bit of a let down, and of course the headphones. Taking the wrap off Camon 15 Premier, we getthat 6.6inch display panel, no mention of whether it’s an AMOLED panel but this ha sa lot of the characteristics, however, the similar counter part the Camon 15 Pro wouldin form us on this being an IPS LCD display.

Taking the wrap off the back of the device,we see the camera array and this has a design where it leads all the way to the main popup camera. Then beside it we’ve got the finger printreader. Underneath that is the designed by TECNO Camon and then TECNO BRANDING. The back of this device has a very nice striped pattern which is somewhat a reminiscent of the Phantom 9 and similar camera array as the Camon 12 Pro. 

Although I’ll be missing the colored button from the Camon 12 Pro, the Camon 15 Premier uses just a silver colored look all round. I somewhat wish it had a colored power button. That aside though, we’ve got a 9.1mm thick device on here and of course the camera section protrudes. The back of this device looks really attractive. 

TECNO Camon 15 Premier Unboxing and Review
TECNO Camon 15 Premier Unboxing and Review

I like how it flows in colors from white toa soft pink and in terms of color options, we’ll have to wait fir the full ammnoim cemet. As far as ports and I/O, the right side does house the power button and volume rockers and it shines all-through. The left side has the slot for your dual micro SIM card and expandable storage. The top has the 32 MP pop up camera and one thing you’ll notice is the curvature of the top. 

It has a ridge that makes the device look like speed bump from that angle. The bottom, as we‘ve previously mentioned has the dated USB port, speaker grille, microphone and headphone jack. It took 1 minute and 14 second to get into the device and when we’re inside, it’s HiOS 6.0.1 based on Android 10. From quick observations, the device, even though it has the highest screen to body ratio on a TECNO device to date, it still has quitea huge chin which again, is kind of a bummer but on the upside, we finally have a pop up camera on a TECNO device. 

The Camon 15 Premiere again, from quick observations does have a lot of bloatware which you can uninstall to save some of that 128GB storage. As far as technicalities, when it comes to the display of the Camon 15 Premiere. We have quite a standard high resolution display at 1080 by 2340. It’s a 6.6 inch full view IPS LCD display and a PPI of 394 Streaming YouTube, even a 4k video would still peak at 1080p of course and it was quite sharp. 

The fact that there’s no notch or punch hole camera really adds to the immersive ness of the Camon 15 display. As far as day to day use of this device, I’dsay you won’t have any complaints about it really, it doesn’t look unusable outdoors which is a good thing and it still retains quite some colors. 

TECNO’s HiOS skin still retains a lot ofits core with not much change here and if you’re coming from a more recent TECNO device it does seem pretty familiar asides the fact that we have an Android 10 device with therelevant upgrades it comes with aa and you do get dark mode on the Camon 15 Premier,appropriately named dark theme...Just so you’d know. It does work in a few supported mostly native apps. 

Like callls and messages, even the Play store and YouTube Storage size on the Camon 15 Premier is 128GBand RAM size is 6GB, big enough for multitasking. If you do take a lot of videos, you may eventually run out of storage maybe in over a year and Google One is a good option. 

Processor-wise, TECNO gives you Octacore speed with 2 “4 core clusters” and they give an average speed of 2.01 GHz. This is based on Media Tek’s P35 12nm chip. When you’re playing games, you do get accessto game mode features. Which lets you screenshot or screen record and of course get access to many beneficial features while gaming or to avoid distraction. 

When I tried gaming on this device, PUBG Mobile has the graphics set to the lowest or rather Standard setting but at medium graphics rate. Game play with PUBG was actually smooth butthe graphics could have been better. After 30 minutes of gaming, playing PUBG,Alto’s Odyssey which is more of a 2F game and call of duty mobile which also was a default low in terms of graphics battery dropped from 41% to 28%. What do you think of that? 

And speaking of battery, we’ve got a 4,000mAh battery on this guy , charging speed will be normal 2-3 hours like older TECNO Devicessince we’ve got a standard charger in the box. We’ve got Bluetooth 5.0 and of course OTG for plugging storage devices or accessing other devices. In terms of unlocking methods. Understandably, the Camon 15 does have face unlock and even as the camera takes over a second to pop out, it still works. 

Other options for unlocking your device apart from pin pattern and password and face unlock of course is the fingerprint reader, which isn’t on screen like the Camon 12 Pro last year but rather a physical one on the back. It worked just fine. Now to the cameras, in front, you’ve gota 32MP front facing camera in that motorized pop up action. Like many modern pop up cams, you also have drop detection where your camera goes back in if it detects a fall. 

On The back however, from top to bottom. We have a QVGA camera for low light help,quad flash, ultra wide camera, the main 64MP sensor, or 48 if it’s the Pro version and not Premier, then the macro sensor. As far as the front Camera, you get to choose the effects that show on the camera, by default, it does have a variety of effects, however in the settings under display, you can choose to display all of them as it is by default,choose any of the 5 effects, or just turn it off. 

I thought it was cool. And here’s the default sound it makes. To get to the 64MP mode on the back camera,it’s just in the main setting and you toggle 64MP but TECNO WANTS you to have stable hands when taking shots. 

Front facing selfies are quite okay on hereand sharp and beauty mode does what beauty mode does where it makes it look like you’veapplied make up. Portrait mode also looked a bit okay and did a decent job at blurring the background even as it may seem somewhat unnatural. 

The 5MP ultra wide camera does try to fit in the field of view into the shot but it’s up to par in terms of quality with the main camera in 1x, then 2x shots still retain quite some level of detail while the maximum zoom level you can get is 8x. I also like the Macro capabilities on this camera, even though it’s aa lower megapixel, again, it tries to retain as much into the shots. 

When it comes to the 64MP shots, the Camon15 Premier does perform pretty well. First off the size difference is a little over 3 times larger. 3.5MB compared to 10.8MB and the difference is quite clear when you zoom in. The details in the 64MP shots are really clear and this is Sony’s sensor at play, helping TECNO. Overall colors were produced quite well and a little cinematic. 

At night or in the dark, the selfies are just okay if there is a bit of light. When you engage the flash, the show does make your face stand out but a bit more exposed. Super night mode in selfies may not really be the way to go since it just smoothens off your face. 

The same thing applies when you use the back camera, I really didn’t see the need to use the Super night mode personally because it smoothen things out a little too much. Although it’s brighter, I kind of preferthe noise in my Photos. As far as video quality, you’re only limited to recording 1080, 720 and 480, same with the front camera at a frame rate of 30 or30 fps. The back camera’s video quality is also okay but it doesn’t have stabilization. 

So what have we learned here? Well, a) Wizkid is winning, b) Wizkid has this device in his hands right now which, now that I think of it, is pretty interesting because he has been tweeting from Android compared to his previous iPhone Tweets. c) dear TECNO, we should have gotten a USBC on this device as it’s 2020 and a faster charging and transfer cable would really make the new smartphones have a greater advantage over new competitors.  

Also guys, the 5 Xiaomi Air Dots giveaway for the next 5 weeks is still on, so check out the description for that. That’s all for this video guys, do leavea like if you did enjoy this video and let me know what your thoughts are in the comments,would you get one? Do you think TECNO made improvements in this iteration of the Camon line up? Share all your thoughts and questions in the comments below and I’ll be hanging out there replying to everyone. Thanks for watching & I’ll talk to you in the next one. 

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