Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Review 2021

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

My long term review of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ after 3 months. I’ve also used the S20 for the same amount of time as well. The S20+ is Samsung’s early 2020 flagship in their.

S line up before we get the note series later in this year. In this video, as always with my long termre views, I’ll share the things I liked and things I liked less and felt could have been better, I’ll share those with you as we go and of course, I’ll have my time stamps in the description so you can skip ahead to different sections of this review that you want more information about.

As we always say, without further ado. Let’s get to the video. If you haven’t already, please hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you’ll be the first to know when we dropa new video, as I mentioned I’ll have my S20’s long term review video dropping after this so if that’s something you’re interest in, do go ahead and click that button. 

Now onto the S20+ Before I move on, I want to quickly talk about the S20 and S20+’s difference, the S20 is smaller, obviously, while the S20+ is larger,with a bigger battery, optional 512GB storage, the Time Of Flight Sensor, something missing in that camera array, and a slight difference in price, about 200 dollars, that’s pretty much it. 

Starting with the display on this device,as always, having used the S20+ and I don’t say it lightly. it’s one of the smoothest flagship devices you’ll use in 2020. If I want to classify people who are currently watching this video in 2, I’ll say maybe those who are not using this device (and mayor many not have experienced 120Hz) or those that have an S20 series’ devices and know what i mean. 

If you fall in the first category and don’thave it or haven’t used one, you should definitely test it out to know how if feels and you should know there are now phones with 144Hz but when I went 120Hz, like they say,you never go back really and it’s why I’ve held onto this device. 

I enjoyed typing and using it mainly because of how responsive it was and most of all enjoyed using it because of the refresh rate even though I know it would take my battery down a lot. Everything just felt super smooth to use. Watching movies, Netflix or YouTube streaming on this is actually cool of course, coupled with HDR 10+, definitely recommended. 

As far as technicalities and specifications,the display is protected by a Gorilla Glass 6, same as the back, 6.7 inches with a high525 pixel per inch. You have the lowest 720p option which will save you the most amount of battery and I know you won’t be using a flagship withthat quality and you can use 120Hz in 720p too, the one most people use or kept using was the FHD+ at 2400 by 1080 this is the mode where you should mostly use 120Hz. 

The last mode is WQHD+ which is a 1440p mode,super high resolution aaand …as you know you can’t use 120Hz in this mode. This will be crystal clear, will drain your battery and Samsung doesn’t even give you this option out of the box. In addition, you’ve got dark mode, the blue light filter, and edge lighting. 

If you’ve seen my review on the Samsung Galaxy A51 which is a very highly recommended mid range device, it has similar features too. Also because I turned off accidental touches on here, I did notice lesser functionality of palm rejection and of course it made it not a very enjoyable experience because the bezels are too thin. 

I feel like technology has become so good or slick quote unquote where we’re able to get such thin bezels but the trade off is not enough room for your hands to actually hold the phone. Another thing to note is that this phone rocks on a flat surface just something I thought you should know because of how the camera protrudes. 

Although this device is protected by Gorilla Glass 6, I think all through my usage I’ve had it drop about 3 times but on wooden floor sand rugs, never on times because wow, that would be a disaster. I never used a case on it and it still looked really pristine. 

Of course it’s IP 68 dust water resistant up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. It can wireless ly charge another device, like your galaxy buds or even your iPhone but that would be slow and it’s not too heavy in the hand. Although, it’s not a removable battery,i like how the curve is present on the right side of the volume rockers and power button,do note that there’s no headphone jack, you get the Galaxy Buds + and of course it’sgot a USB C port. 

While with regards to the kind of sim it has In terms of how the device’s sound quality goes, I did enjoy playing music out loud on here and here’s just a sample of my not so comprehensive test: Speaker sounded at the center of the device when loud but boy does it sound so sharp and crisp to listen to, of course it’s a stereo speaker so definitely on both sides same thing with the microphone, it’s one on top, one on the bottom and of course, one on the back.. 

Audio quality in terms of voice while it may seem a bit scratched, it was always clear and I had no problem with phone calls at allso a solid 9 out of 10 from me. Maybe not under sound quality but overall general use, the vibration intensity of the S20 and 20+ are actually high, loud and very on-par. In the sounds and vibrations section of thedevice, when you get to the vibration intensity section, you can see vibration intensity,here you’ll be able to change the harshness or softness of vibrations from incoming calls,notifications and touch interactions when you use the phone normally. 

Within this setting you can also separate sound on your Samsung device, and here you can for instance make youtube play on a bluetoothheadphone or speaker and you normal music app play on another device maybe an external speaker. I tried it and it worked seamlessly. I’m using the Global version of the S20+which comes with an Exynos processor, the Exynos 990, for the Snapdragon variant, which comes with the Snapdragon 865, you’ll get that if you buy from Amazon or the US andsome select locations but I’ll link those below. 

There’s also the thing about 5G, this versionisn’t the 5G version and even if in the wildest chance that is is, there’s no wayI would know because there;s no 5G router anywhere to test so..yeah. Samsung didn’t realease it all with thesame processor or the same 5G capabilities so it’s definitely a more affordable variantwith some compromises. 

My model has the 128GB of storage with 8GBor RAM definitely on the lesser side but you can go as high as 12GB or RAM and even 512GB of storage. You probably won’t get any lags while using this, I didn’t so performance was definitely on-par throughout my usage nothing to complain about. 

Software on here is of course Android 10 andit’s brought to light with all the features on One Ui which I didn’t feel the need tochange during my day to day use. In terms of gaming though, this was fast and 120Hz was just a delight. I barely had any quality issues and it flew through alot of the games I played. However it does get warm to the touch when gaming sometimes but not so crazy. 

Unless you’re gaming and you use your hotspot which , I have a bad habit of but yeah, that’s something it would get quite warm, please do not try that at home. 30 minute COD with sound and all 72% to 59%and in total 1 hour dropped me down to 46% also keep in mind that my gaming during this period was in 120Hz so on the positive side gaming was smooth but on the negative side,battery life was significantly impacted. 

Still on the matter of battery life, Samsung by default puts unused apps to sleep if they haven’t been used for a while and this can be a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good because you’re saving your device’sbattery of course and they put it there for a reason and it may not be as good because,you won’t get notification from that app. You can simply Disable this feature but keep in mind you’re sort of on your own here or, you can enable it and do it singularly. 

What do I mean by this? For instance you go to the multitasking menu,and select and hold on one of the apps, say YouTube, when you click on that simply select“Keep open for Quick Launching” and voila you’re good. It shows you this padlock sign and Keep inmind you can only do this for one app though.

My charging speed for the S20+ was quite fast,keep in mind that both the S20 and S20+ support fast charging at 25W while the S20 Ultra supports45W, well I used a 25W charger to charge it and charging speed went from 0-45% in thefirst 30 minutes and literally to 89% , almost 90% in 1 hour and it took all of 12 minutesto get to 100%. Keep in mind that this test was done multipletimes and this was the slowest. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Review 2021 

What do you think about the charging speed? In terms for Biometrics and security too,you’ve got Face Unlock which is just too fast in good lighting to unlock your device. Smasung has the switch of default Faster recognitionturned on by default and they even give a warning that it reduces the security.

 I also did prefer to use the on screen fingerprint reader which I sort of found fast too and is more secure. There’s 1 camera on the front of the S20+,a 10MP lens. It’s worthy of note that last year’s S10+had 2 cameras upfront, a similar 10MP like the S20+ and an 8MP depth sensor but thisis just one and it’s not too bad, I’ll share samples in a bit. The back of the S20+ has 4 cameras, 12MP widecamera, 64MP Telephoto camera 12MP Ultrawide and a 0.3MP Time of Flight a la, depth sensorwith LED Flash which I almost never used. 

This camera also has auto-HDR and it tellsin the shots you eventually end up taking. As far as camera quality in videos, the frontcamera can take up to 4K at 30 and even 60FPs while the back camera can do 8K in 24FPS,4K in 60FPSm, 180P in 240fps and below, and the kicker, 9060fps at 720p quality so thisis a big deal as far as smartphone cameras. 

Selfies I took on the S20+ were just reallydetailed even when its wider, of course there’s no wide angle lens or dedicated depth lenson the front camera here it’s just one lens and software doing the rest of the work foryou. But yeah in general you will get very sharpselfies from here no doubt. 

When I did my regular zoom level tests, atultra wide with the 12MP ultrawide lens, this camera was doing really amazing. I found the main lens really sharp of course,and it held its value in 5x of zoom and the maximum 30X zoom nothing to complain aboutat all. It’s worth it to note that the S20 Ultrahas 100x zoom which I unfortunately couldn’t get my hands on but form samples it’s justinsane. 

When you shift the focus on to human subjectsand not just buildings or plants, the 12MP ultrawide, again, delivers results, in itsvery sharp and detailed quality, although it had the curves or the lens distortionsit usually comes with as you can see from my foot in this image. The normal shots was cool but also a little washed out but not the same when zoomed. Portrait mode also seem to have some character is tics of the normal lens in terms of lower saturation but the edge blur seemed really good and almost perfect… almost. Coming inside, the shots also retain a lotof color with moderate lighting, even when zoomed in although with really little colorshifts that you won’t notice unless you’re looking really hard. The macro capabilities on here are reallyreally decent, I enjoyed the bokeh effect that this had and how sharp it looked. 

I thought it was a very good lens, it justworked. I could say the same thing for portrait modeindoors on humans too, how it got the edges, and I like that you can even go ahead to adjusthow intense the blur is on the image, in 7 stages and it has this really nice isolationeffect where it makes the background black and white and the subject retain their color. 

There are 2 other effects that you shouldalso note, a spin effect and a zoom effect. Overall in terms of colors, I thought it wasdecently saturated even if it seemed a little more, I liked how every shot turned out , eventhough it loses some form of sharpness in macro sometimes. Overall, it did produce some nice images duringmy use, I can’t complain, the S20+ did a 9/10 job for photo camera quality in the daytime. 

At night, the camera did look good, with adecent amount of sharpness, images looked really sharp also when there was enough light with regards to shots taken on the back camera. In terms of color changes and using night mode, there’s only going to be slight differences especially if there’s some kind of light but it’s definitely brighter turned on. 

Also, the selfies at night had significant differences, night mode turned on definitely increases saturation but other than that,it looked usable overall and dare I say really really sharp. This is an 8K footage of course down scale dto 1080p sadly, but this video is for reference, no one is really watching this in 8K, however, I have hosted the video separately for those who are daring enough to watch in 8K, linked below, it’s an unlisted file so feel free to see the true quality.

Anyway, the footage is about 100MB, exactly98.7MB, downside is that the footage was a little bit choppy, upside is that it’s too sharp and you probably don’t know what you would do with it. Samsung also poets you directly grab stills or pictures from your 8K video and it’s very sharp too. I thought that was cool as well. 

Shooting in Normal 1080p was actually not jittery and had a smoother motion that 8k and it was still sharp. I liked that I could edit the slow mo foot age and pick areas of the entire video I wanted to slow down. That was nice to see especially give how high the frame per second is at 960, that’s quite high you guys but it’s not new to the S line up. 

All in all, I did enjoy using the S20+ through out the time and it was a very premium choice for me to use, I enjoyed typing gaming and just overall usage with very little to no complain using this, a problem may just bethe slightly high price tag especially since our dollar rates aren’t that favorable butgetting them from Samsung directly or the direct retailers can help with the high imports. I’ll leave some links in the descriptionbelow so you can help support the channel. 

Another cool thing is that Nigerians get YouTubeMusic free for the first 3 months when they get a new Samsung Device and you get featureslike non-stop play on YouTUbe even when you minimize the app on your smartphone and manymore. Relevant links will be in the descriptionbelow. 

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