Oppo Reno 2F Unboxing and Review 2021

 Oppo Reno 2F Unboxing and Review 

My unboxing and review of the Oppo Reno 2F, I’ve made my video about the Reno2 which you can find with the link in the description, however this video is all about the Reno 2F which is kind of like the lesser companion to the Reno 2. The Reno 2 goes for 179k while the 2F goes for about 129K so there’s a 50k difference between them. It’s a pop up camera like the Reno 2 only that it’s not of the shark fin kind, just one that resembles the F11 Pro or K20 Pro from Redmi.

 Anyway in this video, I’ll share the goodthings I liked and thing I didn’t like, you know the pros and cons and I’ll havetime stamps in the description and pinned comment so that you can skip ahead to different sections of this video to find out what you want quickly. 

Without #FodaAdu, let’s get to the video. Just like the box of the Reno 2F, the Reno2 maintains the exact same gradient finish to elements around it, with its own twistand of course name brand. It’s a long box, quite tall and we’lllook inside to see what’s up. When we take the cover off the box, we haveanother mini box where the quick guide is in as well as the safety guide which I recommend you peruse. 

Then underneath that is the device it self with a plastic wrap, we’ll take that out and keep it to the side for now. Removing the thick paper panel, we reveal the accessories that the Reno 2F comes with, a soft case. It’s certainly one of the more thicker cases that I’ve seen and used and like the Reno 2’s leather case, although this is silicone,it’s raised on all 4 edges and you should have no worries placing your phone face down on a table.

This is something I mentioned in the previousvideo. Right below it is where we get the rest ofthe accessories besides the case and the reason why the box is so tall. We get the 20W VOOC 3.0 Flash Fast Charger,the thick charging cable which actually matters with regards to the charging speed and I’llbe talking about this much later. We then get the SIM ejector tool, and thenicely packed headphones.

That’s it for items in the box and to theReno 2 F itself. WE see the 48MP quad cam, ultra night mode,6.5 inch form factor, VOOC 3.0 Charging and 128GB Storage + 8GB RAM. These are the same configurations on the biggerbrother the Reno 2 which I’ve reviewed earlier.

Except that the Reno 2 has a higher 256GBstorage option. When we take the wrap off the Reno 2F, we’regreeted with that 6.5 inch nice slab of Gorilla Glass 5, not Gorilla Glass 6 like the Reno2. Taking that sticker off the back of the Reno2F, we’re greeted with the very sleek back I really like the crystalized gradient lookof the device and it has that similar ball that raises the phone like the Reno 2 becauseas I mentioned in the Reno 2 review the back is flush, well,

The Reno 2F is also flushand the cameras are under the Gorilla Glass 5 protection this ball will at least helpit not get scratched on a flat surface. Many companies aren’t doing this and I reallythink it’s a good design choice by Oppo. Up top, we have the part where we get thepop up camera and the microphone to the right of it when the device is facing towards you. Let me quickly touch on the pop up camera. It’s a 16MP f2.0 camera, the same thingyou get on the Reno 2 pretty much. 

The pop up camera has a default purple colorout the box which is cool.. BUT, you also get options to choose colorsyou want. In the additional settings, you can changecolors and you get up to 12 preset colors as you can see, you can select which onesyou want and you can randomize by making it a different color each time the pop up camerais triggered. 

Or you could just turn it off but we bothknow there’s no fun there. It becomes transparent and of course colorscan easily just pass through and it could be a look you may be going for. The pop up camera also makes sounds just likethe Reno 2, you can choose to turn it off, and when it’s turned on, you get to choosebetween 3 interesting sounds, Technology, Mechanical, and Musical.

On the right side, we’ve got the power buttonwith a dip of green color on it and the sim and micro sd card slot. It’s a dual nano sim slot with a separateslot for your SD card which is expandable to 256GB just like the Reno 2, unlike theReno 2 however, this has a better advantage for those who want to use dual sims and havea slot for an SD card whereas the Reno 2 has a hybrid sim slot so you’re sort of handi capped there. It’s just the volume rockers on the leftin that aluminum frame and the bottom of the device is pretty flat, a familiar Oppo designand we have a headphone jack, yay, microphone port beside it, usb c transfer and charging port the speaker grille. 

On the back, again we meet the nice shimmering look of the Reno 2F. This color is what Oppo calls Sky white andwe have a second color option called lake Green and from the renders, they actuallylooked very good. As far as the camera set up, from top to bottom we get the 8MP ultra wide first, then the 48MP sensor right below it and below that is the2MP black and white sensor and another 2MP depth sensor to aid in portrait mode. Beside that array is the flash, then the Oppo branding + a designed by Oppo tagline and I like how it also encompasses the camera. I really like the design of this device alotas well as the Reno 2.

Of course as we’ve seen on the body, there’sno fingerprint reader, and that’s because its an in display fingerprint reader. It took 1 minute and 24 seconds to set upthe Reno 2 with the fingerprint and we’re then ushered into Color OS 6. It’s a very interesting outlook, we’regreeted with that all round amoled 6.5 inch panel. Yes, the Oppo Reno 2F is a 6.5 inch amoleddisplay with a screen resolution of 1080 by 2340, a 19.5 by 9 aspect ratio display, 85.1%screen to body ratio and a ppi of 394 all enclosed in that Gorilla Glass 5 panel.

 As I mentioned in the Reno 2 review the bottombezel of the Reno 2F is noticeably bigger than the Reno 2 The Reno 2F comes with alot of the featuresthat the Reno 2 comes with internally from Color OS 6 and If you want to know all aboutthat, I highly recommend you watch the Reno 2 video and use the time stamp to skip tothe Display and Features section of the video. 

That being said, unlike the Reno 2, you can’tstream HDR videos on the Reno 2F, however you get up to 1080p at 60fps for streams. A major part of this Is the processor. Now also unlike the Reno 2 that has 3 cameras,the Reno 2F has 2 and it also has a dedicated noise cancellation mic, you also block thesingle speaker at the bottom when streaming content and almost completely eliminate thesound,

 I wish it had a stereo speaker and even the Reno 2F doesn’t have one That beingsaid, I did my usual tests for the sound quality of the microphone and speaker quality. Here’s how that turned out. Again, the sound came out a bit thin withnot much low end or bass similar to the Reno 2 and the microphone quality was also on par. 

It’s also got the Dolby Atmos feature whichI go into more detail as well in my Reno 2 review. Pretty much a bump in surround sound quality. Processor-wise, the Reno 2F was a bit down,in my opinion, Oppo opts for the Mediatek Helio P70 which is a 12nm Octacore chipsetclocked at an average of 2.05GHz compared to the 8nm of the Snapdragon 730G on the Reno2.

 It’s why we can’t have HDR or some ofthe interesting processing we would normally get. My overall day to day use was fine in termsof normal everyday smartphone features. The Reno 2F I have here is a 128GB model with8GB of RAM and that’s pretty much the only option really. 

This device goes for 129,000 Naira or $358which is an interesting category. When it comes to gaming graphics on the Reno2F, PUBG as a benchmark that it is, was set to a Default Medium compared to a default high on the Reno 2, again with that High Dynamic Range display. Gaming didn’t take up too much of the batteryof course it’s very similar to the Reno 2 again although, I did notice that batterydidn’t deplete as fast when Game Space was in use I still got the 30 minutes of gameplaybring battery down by 7% on here. 

The Reno 2 and Reno2F are both 4,000 mAh batteriesand lasting for the while day was kind of a similar story on both ends. As I mentioned earlier, we’ve got a 20Wcharger in the box and the Reno 2F charges fast, fun fact or should I say spoiler alert..it charges 6 minutes faster than the Reno 2 which is supposed to be its “elder sibling“ 

The Reno 2F takes 1 hour and 30 minutes toget from 0% to 100% and here’s how the breakdown goes: In 30 minutes, it goes from 0% to 51%, inanother 30 minutes, it goes from 51% to 89% then the last 30 minutes take it up to 100%. So yeah from 0 to 100% in 1 hour and 30 minutesand just slightly faster than the Reno 2 One thing I noted was that when I enrolled for Face unlock it enrolled super fast and also unlocking the device just takes a tiny fraction of a second more to finish which is bearable for the most part. 

The On-screen fingerprint reader also work sthrough the screen protector, it is somewhat fast as well. We get bluetooth 4.2 as opposed to Bluetooth5.0 so we may not be able to use the wireless audio sharing feature. *Oppo still maintains their simplicity with newer color os 6 devices and it shows in the camera app. You get just 3 options in Video, Photo and Portrait Mode. 
Oppo Reno 2F Unboxing and Review
Oppo Reno 2F Unboxing and Review 2021

This is the same for the front and back camera sand extra features can be found in the hamburger menu to the side. Compared to 20x zoom on the Reno 2, the maximum zoom level here is 10x but they are all at 5x optical zoom levels. Maximum camera resolution for the Reno 2Fis 1080p or 720p at 30fps, no 60fps like the Reno 2 However, the Reno 2 is the only one with atele photo or zoom lens while the 2F doesn’t have that and you’ll see the results shortly.

 Portrait mode also follows suit with the Reno2 and has this sharp edge which isn’t too reminiscent of what normal portrait mode would look like on cameras, indoor selfies are also very colorful just like the Reno 2. I really liked it and dare I say outdoor selfies may even be better than the Reno 2’s especially with the beauty filter turned off. When you compare it to the 48MP shots that’s the back cameras, it’s significantly larger and sharper. 

For context again, just like I explained in my Reno 2 review, images are 2 times larger when it comes to resolution which is 3000x 4000 compared to 6000 x 8000 and file size is larger by a factor of 3 that is 2-3MB compared to 9-10MB for a 48MP shot. What you’ll mostly get with this sharpness is large image sizes the you zoom and it may just add a small bit of quality when posting on social media. It’s double but with social media compressions you may not be able to tell. 

Comparing 48MP shots again to the normal shots when it comes to scenes. The shots are very detailed. Almost looks like a version of HDR shots. It’s super crisp either way, although youmay be able to see some over sharpness going on with the normal shots, the 48MP shots arestill larger and pack in more pixels. Also it shows in the greens and how the sharpnesskeeps that detail and when you zoom in you can easily see this in each of the leaves.

 If you look at it from the viewfinder theReno 2F really does a good job of detecting screens and adjusting the colors and sharpness,contrast to fit it well. This leads me to the macro options with theReno 2F and Reno 2 as well, I like the natural portraits that it has all around it. Reds and Greens pop out and with the helpof software it separates the foreground quite well from the background. 

Maybe because the plants have a straight edgeI’m not bothered but it kind of looks a bit weird with humans. Which was something I didn’t like. When it comes to the zoom levels I almost couldn’t tell the difference between the Reno 2F and the Reno 2, I like the consistencyof the coolness in colors of all levels of zoom. From the 1x, there’s no chromatic aberrationor a high noise profile, and the same goes for the 2x lens.

 However, the 5x zoom level introduces somelevel of noise to all levels but isn’t unbearable. Looking at it again, with the ultrawide lens,we see this happen here with there being some slight warmness in the color and it beingcooler or bluer, is that even a word bluer? One thing I noticed in general with regardsto the rest of the zoom levels especially with the Reno 2F is the mosaic effect thatlatches onto it the higher you zoom. This is because the camera is trying to over-sharpenthings.

As you saw in the 5x zoom of the portraitand the building here and also because it doesn’t have a native telephoto lens likethe Reno 2 When it comes to night mode, the images arepretty much the opposite for the Reno 2 and 2F. On the 2F, images are much softer comparedto the normal mode version. You can’t shoot in 4k and when shooting either agains the sun or towards it, It had a but of desaturation as far as colors go,but it has some form of fair stabilization. 

That’s it for my review of the Oppo Reno2F, I’d highly recommend you check out my review of the Reno 2 to compare the both ofthem so you can decide. That being said, the Reno 2 and 2F are pretty great phones, I liked the Reno2 more personally, however the 2F has some potential, the Reno2F is 50 thousand Naira cheaper than the Reno 2 at 179k compared to 129K or $358. I think it’s a worthy addition but the zoom shots were a bit of a downside for me and maybe that lower processor you know 12nm vs8nm. It all checks out in a way. However, have you seen my Reno 2 review? Which one would you pick between that and this.

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