OPPO A92 2021 Unboxing and Review

OPPO A92 Unboxing and Review

Oppo A92, Announced and released in May of 2020, I’ve had this device for over a monthnow and in this video, I’ll be sharing my thoughts about this device with you guys,my experience using it and what you should know before getting on this, if you shouldor shouldn’t buy it. 

As always guys, I’ll have my timestampsin the description of this video so you can skip ahead to different sections of this videothat you need quick information about. Without further ado, let’s get to the video. The box of the A92 has a warm blue to purplegradient finish to the front and sides, nothing too crazy and this carries on to the phoneitself as we’ll see in a bit. 

There’s a smaller box inside that has thesim ejector tool, a soft silicone case, not many manufacturers give you that, glad it’sthere, and of course, the quick guide plus safety guide documentation. The next thing we have in the box is the A92itself, wrapped in a nylon that has some of the highlighted specs of this phone; 8 Gigsof RAM, 128Gigs of Storage, 1080p Neo Display, 48MP Quad Camera, 5,000 man battery and 18WFast charge. 

For about 250 EUR or 300 Dollars, aka 120 Thousand Naira, although the Naira price may be different I’ll update the descriptionfor any changes. Anyway, I test all of the aforementioned specsin this video so do stay tuned for all the info. 

We’ll put the device to the side for nowand for the rest of the things in the box, we’ve got this paper separating more accessories,the thick USB C cable, Oppo’s new headphone jack that has green accents which I’ve cometo like actually, and then the huge and uniquely styled 18W fast charging brick. 

As I said, I have timestamps so if you wantto quickly see how battery performs you can check that chapter. Now moving on. When I took the wrap off the device, I was introduced to the cool gradient design. Which the box obviously draws inspiration from. It actually looked really slick. 

Booting and set up time took just 31 second swhich is faster than many devices I’ve tested. When it comes to the build quality of the Oppo A92, I like that Oppo gives you a screen protector on your screen right out of thebox, it will basically protect if from scratching depending on your usage for a lengthy periodof time actually, unless you want to feel real glass then you can take it off. 

The back of the A92 also spots the Aurorapurple gradient finish, this series comes with 3 variants the Twilight black, the Aurorapurple which we’re using for this video and the shining white which has a slight blueending to it. Overall dope colors. You have the quad camera array and an Oppo branding at the lower part of the back. 

Oppo sticks with a poly carbonate material on here which is a safer option if your phone drops and in addition to that, as you saw in the unboxing of this phone, they provide you with a silicone case. This case has a raised edge for face dropsor if your phone is faced down so it doesn’t scratch.

Anyway, I’m happy to report that I didn’tuse this device without a case until this video so make of that what you will… actuallyif you get this, don’t use it without a case, use a case not only would it save youfrom the fingerprint magnet that it is, in cases of accidental drops, you’re prettymuch protected. 

It doesn’t hide the aesthetics of your phone,you can still see through to look at the gradient so win win. The right side of the phone has the powerbutton that also serves as the fingerprint reader. Which is a new trend I’m seeing and I love. 

This is much better than the fingerprint readerbeing at the back or a regular in display fingerprint reader in my opinion because youend up pressing the power button anyway so one less design choice to make. The left side has the slot for your dual nanosims and a dedicated micro SD card plus the volume rockers. 

While the bottom houses the headphone jack,there’s a headphone jack, there’s also a microphone right there at the bottom alongsidea USB C port and one of the speakers. Yes, this is a stereo speaker the device andthe second speaker sounds just out of the phones earpiece section here and there’snothing at the top. 

The camera array protrudes and of course willrock on a flat surface. The display of the Oppo A92 is pretty okay,it’s a 1080p display. Resolution set at exactly 1080 by 2400 pixels,it’s a 6.5 inch IPS LCD display which is pretty big, and it has a pixel density of405, quite high as well. There’s a slight chin right to the bottomof the display so that’s something to take note of.

Watching content on here was cool too, itdoes render videos at 60fps in 1080p while streaming on youtube. It looked stunning and just on point. Definitely no complaints on video quality. Also, there’s an accessibility feature totake screenshots, screen records, file manager and you can add more tools. You also have dark mode on here, no big deal,of course it’s not an OLED Display where it saves your battery while in dark mode butit does look aesthetically pleasing when the theme changes. I did enjoy using the A92 in general, at leastwhen it came to content consumption especially YouTube

Also, If you’ve made it this far into thevideo, thank you for watching and I’ll love it if you could give this video a like andalso consider subscribing to the channel, we’re trying to get to 100,000 subs before2020 ends, that would be amazing and I can’t wait to bring more quality content to youguys. Alright, so the A92 has stereo speakers andthey were quite loud. 

In this not so comprehensive test you cangive it a listen and let me know what you think of the sound quality in the comments below. Sound quality on this device was cool andthe stereo speakers were definitely louder than I expected. Headphone quality wise though, just like the Reno 3, the headphone were good, however this doesn’t have Dolby Atmos so that’s somethingto take note of. Talking about internals and software on here,you’ve got an Android 10 device.

 I got an Android Security Patch update tothe June 2020 version of Color OS, Color OS 7.1 which I thought was cool. That being said, memory space on here is 8GBof RAM and 128GB of UFS 2.1 storage. I think this is the only option we have orthe only one I’ve seen personally. The 8GB and 128GB option. When it comes to the processing power however,we have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 665.

The same processor as the Redmi Note 8, youcan check that with the card up above. But this does perform well. Lags are quite distant from this at leastfor the period I’ve had it so yeah. However, during my gameplay of asphalt, therewas just a tiny bit of jerkiness or lag but it didn’t affect overall gameplay. Gameplay graphics was at a default high actuallyon call of duty , as it will be on only select 1080p midrange devices so you’re definitelyat an advantage here. 

Game space on here is a useful hidden featurethat lets you block notifications or calls altogether while you’re gaming for no distractionand it has tools to optimize for battery levels. I did a 30 minute call of duty test as welland battery went down from 67% - 58% so it’s just a 9% battery loss after 30 minutes ofgaming. Speaking of the battery though, you have a5,000 mAh battery displayed but Oppo also adds a disclaimer of having a minimum of 4,880mah because 5,000 is the typical battery capacity so that’s something to note too.

My day to day use wasn’t too bad, I stillwas able to end the day with around 20% on very light use this doesn’t have any supercrazy display effects or refresh rate so it won’t drain battery as much, it’s modestin that regard. Now when it comes to the charger that it comeswith, the 18W charger, I did my usual 30 minute tests and it went something like this: from0-35% in the first 30 minutes of charging it, from 35% it went to 64%, then up to 87%,then 99% and barely after 7 minutes, it went up to 100%. 

Do let me know what your thoughts are aboutthe charging speed in the comments below, an 18W Charger, charging the 5,000 mAh batteryin 2 hours and 7 minutes from 0-100% Unlocking options on the A92 are of course,the side mounted fingerprint reader which I thought was fast and I very much prefer. You’ve also got Face Unlock as well, asidesyour regular PIN, Pattern and Password. 

Speaking of Face Unlock, you get a toggle that can disable face unlock access if your eyes are closed, as well as another to increase brightness when you want to use it in the dark. The front camera on the Oppo A92 is a 16MPf/2.0 camera with HDR Support and it shoots at 1080p in 30 frames per second secludedin that hole punch. 

The back has an quad camera array 48MP widecamera which you have to access through the camera software in a menu so it’s not exactly48MP to the lens, 8MP ultra wide, 2MP depth sensor and 2MP black and white sensor plusthe flash. 

OPPO A92 2021 Unboxing and Review
OPPO A92 2021 Unboxing and Review

The back camera is capable of shooting 4Kat 30 fps plus 1080p at 30 and 120 fps as well and it also has HDR too. So that’s fair enough. Now to the tests, as we always go, I’llstart with the selfies, the 16MP selfie camera does do some good things on here. It takes details shots and you might want to turn off the beauty filter so it doesn’t make things artificial but, just as a warning,you may actually like the results.

IN portrait mode for selfies however, things almost always got quite too bright in the back despite the same lighting. This changes if you manually tap on the brightestpart of the picture frame to take the pic or automatically if you have maybe a brighter skin tone or if you have something bright on you like a face mask. 

I still preferred the normal mode shots because every thing was just balanced and I like the skin tones on here. When it comes to zoom quality of course, the8MP ultra wide camera takes decent ultrawide shots and when you switch the main wide camera which is not in the 48MP mode the colors change a bit, more punchy this time around. 

When you’re in 2X, the image quality isstill retained and you should know that it’s just the main lens doing all the zooming workas there’s no telephoto camera on here. There’s a 5X zoom mode which you start tonotice a bit of grain and at the maximum zoom level, a 10X zoom mode which is quite noisy.

The depth sensor on here is good because notonly is it capable of taking portrait images of people which many cameras can do, thiscan take portrait images of objects as well and the cuts were quite good. The background blur separation was very welcomeand I thought they were quite usable. 48MP shots packs in a lot of detail and it’simpressive how much you can see in the images as well.

The colors were much better and I had no complains,just note that file sizes for 48MP shots are going for at least 10MB of your memory soyou may want to consider the number of shots but this already has 128GB so that may notbe anything to worry about maybe in the first few years of owing. I got as close to objects as possible to alsotest the macro shots and yes, they did perform well too. 

They weren’t the sharpest looking but theydid turn out quite interesting and again, usable. 4K video on the Oppo A92 looks so colorfuland clean, the saturation was very welcome but it was so shaky. There is only a gyroscope electronic imagestabilization here, no optical stabilization so this translates to a bit more stable footagein 1080p. 

This was a recurring theme throughout my usageso yes, 4K while it’s more colorful and pleasing to look at, it’s not stable, and1080p is less colorful or less saturated but stable so if you maybe want to pick this upfor content creation you might want to consider getting a tripod to really enjoy the benefitsof that 4K camera.

 In video you can also zoom up to 10x and stillpiece out some form of details and of course you can even go macro and it would still beclear the camera was literally on the ground for this shot, however, when taking pictures,you can’t zoom in 48MP mode so that’s something to note. 

The camera also has night mode which doesa 7 second burst and takes multiple shots to piece together something bright and sharpenough. That’s it for the Oppo A92, what are yourthoughts on this device? It’s in a pretty unique spot for what itoffers but I want to know what you think and if you would consider getting one. Do you have any questions about this device? 

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