iPhone 12 Max Pro Price in Pakistan 512gb

iPhone 12 Max Pro Price in Pakistan 512gb Review

Each new iPhone is very similar to the old one — so you could say, moving from the "top ten" to the eleventh, from the eleventh to the XS Max, from the XS Max to the 11 Pro Max. But the iPhone 12 Pro Max feels different, I feel it in my pocket and for a split second I wonder: what kind of smartphone did I take? It's all about the edges, of course. Well, it is also one of the biggest smartphones on the market, a smartphone with the best camera on the market, with the perfect OS, one of the most expensive, one of the most desirable. Let me tell you a little story about him.
The most difficult thing is to choose the color of a new iPhone. In recent years, I have been constantly walking with Space Gray and planned to continue doing so. But I look at the pictures, and my opinion changes. Yes, graphite is the most practical, minimally attention-grabbing and probably very popular with adult men. Dark blue is a new color for Apple smartphones, this will be bought because of the novelty effect. Silver, also known as white, is an old proven solution. Let me remind you that the first white iPhone in history is a plastic iPhone 3G, the plastic cracked at the bottom, but it was very cool to walk with it: the smartphone somehow stood out among its black counterparts. As for the gold, well, it's like a holiday, right? On the side, the stainless steel resembles a gold ingot, the color is calmer at the back. Very nice combination. This one will definitely suit me!
iPhone 12 Max Pro Price in Pakistan 512gb
Does the Ceramic Shield scratch? Yes, it scratches. But many people mistakenly believe that this is the strength of Ceramic Shield — and in fact it is the best protection for the display when falling. As shown by drop tests conducted with the iPhone 12 Pro:
But what about small scratches on the glass — they can appear during use. The first scratch (light, very small) I got after six hours of use, not deep, barely noticeable, but you don't expect this from a smartphone with the claimed wonderful properties.

I think the owners of the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will agree with me: in no case should you carry a smartphone next to other items, even if it is a goose feather. Scratches appear literally from the air! The oleophobic coating is still fresh and very pleasant, and it is hoped that it will last longer than in the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It is clear that the steel is covered with fingerprints, but I still like to touch the smartphone very much. Using a case is a good thing, I like the original transparent case, as you can see the color of the smartphone.

About MagSafe. I bought such a charger, while I use it in the car, if you don't use it, you won't understand why it is needed. Look, I've been using wireless charging devices for a hundred years, and they're all a little crooked and skewed. Sometimes the smartphone screen can suddenly light up in the night, because the gnomes stopped carrying energy or, I don't know, the electric God decided so. You need to put your smartphone exactly on the reel, you need to pray, you need to do everything very carefully. How many times has it happened when everything seems to be normal, I put my iPhone on charge, but it DIDN'T CHARGE?

If we talk about the night and the usual cable, then even a beautiful Lightning plug without looking is not a good task. Sometimes it's just laziness. It is clear why MagSafe appeared — due to magnets, there can be no incorrect positioning, even at night it is not difficult to slap the charge, the round piece is held securely and it is easy to find it even in the car, even at the crib. You can play Call of Duty and charge your smartphone, the cable sticking out from the side does not interfere. Many people laugh at Apple wallets and other accessories — but you understand, the company just showed what you can do with it in general. I am sure Twelve South and other companies will come up with things cooler than Apple — I will only take charging and a transparent case from the entire range. This is the best. I will make a separate review about the case. Expect it soon on the site.

The smartphone's ergonomics have changed, since the edges are no longer sloping, the sensations are twofold. I don't feel nostalgic for the iPhone 4, but I really like the iPhone 12 Pro Max outwardly, it's a reference design for our time. There is a lot of glass, a lot of metal, a lot of sound (when notifications are turned on), a lot of screen, a lot of camera, endless working time — in fact, this is what they ask for so much money.

Thanks to the clear edges, the device is easy to pull out of your pocket, I liked to carry it without a case — so far there has never been a situation when the Pro Max would fly out of your hands, as it happened with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The protruding camera does not allow the smartphone to lie flat on the table-do not care about it. Stainless steel in the prints — it doesn't matter at all. Just in case, I will make out Apple Care (also a reason for the article) — but later I will put on the original transparent case. With it, the 12 Pro Max gets a futuristic look, all these circles around charging and other details, just like cyberpunk.

This year, the move from smartphone to smartphone was as calm as possible, it was in 2019 that I rode with two devices at the airport in search of normal Wi-Fi, now in the evening I calmly entered data, and left the iPhone to download all the programs at night. And I advise you to do the same and do not pull the gadget once again, no matter how much you want to play around.

A few subjective tips: it is better to add cards to Apple Pay again, instead of transferring data from iPhone to iPhone, it is better to choose recovery from iCloud, it is better to do all this near high-speed reliable Wi-Fi. Well, as it is — the SIM card tray is still in place, the virtual SIM card will need to be added again with the handles, it can't be transferred automatically (I didn't transfer it).

Otherwise, everything is pretty fast and you get your iPhone right away. A little bit of trouble with banking applications and social networks-and you can go back to battle. I would like to dwell on the banality in a little more detail: how to wear a smartphone. As you can see, it is very clearly visible in the pocket of your trousers, ideally you should carry it in the pocket of your jacket (this is if you are wearing a suit).
From the pocket of the Pro Max training pants without a cover slips easily and easily-barely caught in the car, do not repeat my mistakes, although the eleventh also did so. In jeans, the silhouette of a healthy iPhone is unmistakable, like a shark's fin on the horizon.

By the way, the magnetic hammock falls off when you put your iPhone in a tight pocket. In general, the iPhone 12 Pro Max makes you wear jeans all the time — in the summer, apparently, you will have to carry it not in shorts, but in a bag. In Europe and the United States, all sorts of cases with suspensions for large smartphones are already becoming fashionable, for the iPhone 12 Pro Max this is a top thing, especially in the warm season.

Let's show you a smartphone in comparison with other devices. For example, below in the photo of the iPhone 11 Pro Max on the right. I declare once again: 12 Pro Max is very big, girls should think twice when buying.

Together with little Pro Arseny:

And the last thing: in any case, do not buy a smartphone without holding it in your hands! We are not talking about facets, allegedly people cut their hands with them and almost open them — complete nonsense. It's about the size of the device.


The difference in diagonal seems to be small, the iPhone 11 Pro Max was 6.5 inches, the iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7 inches, but the numbers are powerless to demonstrate this evil healthy smartphone. It's even bigger than the eleventh one in your hand, and you keep looking at the screen in some confusion: damn, what are you so big for, hello! All the chats and entire pages of websites, and the entire Pornhub, and all, I don't know, some kind of sign with figures for repair costs get in here. Consuming content has become even cooler — and, of course, this is good news.

As for the quality of the screen, the iPhone 12 Pro line is OLED, and you can talk for a long time about the divine color reproduction or incredible black — as for me, a great display for many years to come, you will like it. For me, the iPhone is primarily a working tool, and in this capacity, the smartphone will perfectly serve as much as it should. The changes may not be dramatic, but they are very pleasant. The main thing is how the screen protection and oleophobic coating will behave, this is the most interesting thing for me.

Specifically, I will not say anything about the resolution and other marketing bullshits, all the information is on the official website — the phrase "Super Retina XDR Display"will definitely not tell you anything. But an increase in the diagonal and more information is the top. Yes, you can now remind me about the display refresh rate — probably until a balance is reached between storage and operating time. There's a lot to improve, and that's good, too.


The smartphone is available in three versions, if we are talking about memory, these are 128, 256 and 512 GB. I recently asked people on Twitter who goes with what iPhones — and it turned out that a lot of people use versions with 64 GB of memory and do not worry. Somehow you sometimes forget that your needs may differ from the needs of another person — I have 512 GB packed for three quarters, and it's NOT ENOUGH ANYMORE. The tip is simple: if you had enough 64 GB, you will live perfectly with 128 GB. The optimal version is 256 GB, and if you are a fierce photo and video shooter, then welcome to the world of 512 GB. I have, of course, this version.

Opening hours

If you want the best working hours, buy a big iPhone. I don't know exactly how long Pro Max works — enough to ignore it altogether. I don't charge it at night, I don't charge it on purpose. It feels like a fully charged smartphone can live from morning to evening, which is good for our time. For fast wireless charging, you need two things: a new 20-watt PSU, which costs 1990 rubles, and a MagSafe washer, which is being resold now for 5000 rubles, and will appear in official retail a little later at a price of 3990 rubles. Profitable and fast! With other original power supplies (18W or 96W), the wireless charging speed will be lower.
Let me remind you that the smartphone comes with only a USB Type-C-Lightning cable and a sticker.


Face ID works perfectly, but of course it can't handle the mask, so you have to enter a password. Everything is cool with Apple Pay, although now I use Fold 2 more often for payments — there is a fingerprint sensor, which is trite more convenient in times of coronavirus. The buttons on the faces are not so prominent, they differ from the iPhone 11. Communication has improved — in every sense. I don't understand the sound quality yet, it takes time. By the way, I'm currently testing Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, I really like them — both the company's noise reduction and the sound too.

Owners of AirPods Pro will enjoy spatial audio in movies. In general, for flights, trips and spending time anywhere is a great bundle-watch "Tehran" perfectly. Again, I will recommend the excellent IDAGIO service with classical music (and I will once again thank Arseniy Petrov for the advice). By the way, the 12 Pro Max has a monstrous volume margin, but not in the case of this app. For Spotify or Apple Music and most headphones, half the volume is enough; with IDAGIO, you have to increase it almost completely.

As you know, the Apple Care+ service for iPhone has been launched in Russia. I highly recommend buying it for 12 Pro Max. Replacing the display is very,very, very expensive. With the original insurance, the procedure will be almost painless (for the wallet). The smartphone has IP68 support, but I implore you not to take your smartphone into salt water with you: whatever they write on the official website, Morko does not like technology.


We will have (maybe even already have) a special photo comparison with 11 Pro Max on our channel, so we won't focus on the characteristics and other things — we plan a separate text with examples of images, comparisons and other content. The photo comparison is already out!
During the day, the result is perfect, it seemed to me that now when using "shirik" frames are obtained more correctly from the point of view of logic — apparently, processing occurs differently. If there are a lot of light sources at night, the smartphone is lost, if there is only one source, it turns out perfectly. Night mode has definitely improved. I haven't really taken the video yet. Below are some sample images. It's clear that they're pressed from HEIC, but you'll catch the emotion.

Very, very, very strong zoom, there is soap, but the colors are transferred perfectly, that's just how it was at seven in the morning: If you take a tripod, then the sign of the Central Department Store would be clearer, but it turned out well enough:

Night underground passage:

  • I love SoundProLab, but the light there is very complex:
  • Shooting in restaurants is just top. Pay attention to the glass:
  • Here the camera clearly did not understand what to focus on, but it turned out great:
  • It's really dark in here:
  • Shirik in the morning:
But the wall of air conditioners even with the tenth attempt to remove normally failed. It was very, very dark, though: It seems that the light is transmitted well, but it is better not to increase such photos much: And here are some of them, too. Although the overall drawing is quite good: There are no questions about daytime images at all. I just want to go and shoot EVERYTHING. That's what I do:


If you have money and enthusiasm in terms of technology, then you simply need to buy an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Now is generally a golden time. Here you will find the alluring Fold 2, and the PS5, and the new Xbox — and I do not share the wars and disputes about consoles: if you want, you need to buy both at once and live happily for many years. Here you will find all the new iPhones, from small to large. You just have time to pay, pay, and pay. By the way, the most balanced iPhone 12 Pro Max 256 GB costs 119,990 rubles, the most expensive version, with 512 GB, costs 139,990 rubles. Expensive? Expensive. But Apple in 2020 created an amazing line of iPhones of all stripes. Do you like small smartphones? Please have an iPhone 12 mini. Do you like classics? The new iPhone SE will help you. You need a smartphone with a top camera for all sorts of things in Insta or, I don't know, shoot "Tick-toks" — iPhone 12 Pro Max. Unfortunately, Android smartphones have not yet learned how to work properly with Instagram, especially with stories.

Or you can not buy any of the new products at all and just wait. Over the years, I've had enough of this approach — you, as a journalist, are forced to say, but like you need to buy or you need to wait. Yes, this is all nonsense. You can read this review a year after publication, when there was time and desire to change the smartphone. Maybe you are not interested in technology and want a clear advice: take it or not? Alas, such precise advice is given only by charlatans. Or as the waiters sometimes say: this dessert is very good, I REALLY LIKE IT. And I want to say: but you are you, and I have a different taste. However, I will also be such a waiter: I really like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, BUT! I have been using iPhones for a hundred years, since the iPhone 6 Plus I switched to larger models and I don't want to change anything and try anything new. Trust my taste is hardly worth it — and in the office so generally interesting situation: about half of colleagues chose the iPhone 12 Pro and do not want Max.
iPhone 12 Max Pro Price in Pakistan 512gb
iPhone 12 Max Pro Price in Pakistan 512gb
In any case, I wanted a top-end new iPhone, so that everything was familiar and in its place, but with some cool things. Just in the Pro Max fun enough: and MagSafe, and a bigger screen, and a different design, and curious to play with the cameras. For retrogrades like me, it's just a gift and a thrill.

In general, I like Apple's consistency — yes, every year groups of people rush around the Internet with burning asses, they say, THERE is NO INNOVATION and all that, but you just try to do an already good thing a little better every year. This is akin to training three or four times a week, when through pain, laziness, reluctance and resistance, through bad weather, hunger and lack of time, you get through — and then, after half a year, you look in the mirror and understand what it's all about. If you look at the iPhone 12 Pro Max from the time of the iPhone 4, it becomes clear why designers, engineers and thousands of other Apple employees did not sleep well, were nervous and struggled.

And Apple has something to scold-of course. But the company also makes its way through the thorns to the stars, as some would not like the opposite. In 2021, both Huawei, Samsung, and Xiaomi will start freeing boxes from excess, we will see Apple's design in every flagship product (watch the edges), we will see MagSafe analogues. And isn't copying a sign of success and mastery?

Otherwise, everything is boring: the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most balanced and curious among the flagship smartphones of other companies, Apple will sell millions of millions of units. I wish you to live in such a way that you only care about one thing: which iPhone of which color to choose.

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