Infinix S5 Pro (Not S6) with Pop Up Camera in 2021

 Infinix S5 Pro (Not S6) with Pop Up Camera

’ll be talking about the new early 2020 Infinix device that comes with a pop up camera.  First off, there has been a lot of speculation about the new Infinix device or at least the next line up being the Infinix S6, but that may not likely be the case, chances that it would be called an S6 is slim compared to it being called the S5 Pro so there’s that. 

Just getting that out the way and why do I think it’s so, well Infinix just launched the S5 like what 2 months ago, jumping overto the S6 might be a big leap, especially in the naming scheme so this would be a simple up gra de to what made the S5 good and of course a trendy pop up camera feature. 

I also don’t really expect a major launch,maybe a minor launch or a silent announcement. Time will tell. In this video, I’ll be talking about what to expect and I’ll have time stamps in the description of this video so that you’llget to skip ahead to sections that you want to get quickly informed about. Alright, as we always say, without furthera do, let’s get to the video. 

For a quick refresher, Infinix has so far6 devices in their S series Line up, S1, S2, S3, S3X, S4, and the S5 which I reviewed just about 2 months ago when it launched here and you can find that with the link in the description below. The S5 was Infinix’s first hole punch displaydevice and it had a quad camera set up on the back, with quad flash, It had 4GB of RAM and 64GB of Storage, that was the version I had as well and this costs me 53,000.

 They also had a 6GB RAM version with 128GB of Storage that was 62,500. That was the S5. How about this new S5 Pro that’s about to launch? A major feature of this new Infinix device that we’re about to see would be of course having an all screen display, pretty much the same aspect ratio and 6.6 inch screen that we had on the S5 but now without any distraction in-front like the hole punch camera. 

I wouldn’t be too keen on getting a 1080p display on this device, I’ll probably keep it at 720p, but an AMOLED this time maybe,please Infinix, please give us a 1080p AMOLED display this time please… well a major reason why I think we may not get a 1080p display but a 720p one is of course because it’s still in the S5 line up and if you’ve watched my S5 review, again linked below, you’ll know about the S5 lite which was a smaller version. 

They all have 720p displays. So now, it’s more like a completed 720pd is play trio, S5 Lite, S5 and S5 Pro. Sort of like iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 ProMax… sort of. A major reason why we’ll of course be having the “true” full view display is simply because we’re getting a pop up camera, upfront, this has been teased and teased quite alot and numerous articles have taken It up. Yes, we’ll be getting our first Infinix pop up camera. 

On the right side if you look at it from the front or the left side if you look at it from the back. Alright the next thing would be color options of course, as we’ve seen we got nebula, sort of star-filled galaxy designs all over the devices that’s the S5 Lite and the S5, the S5 pro should follow this footstep. It should also be in that Nebula color finish. 

Last time we had it in quet zal cyan, nebula black and violet which I think may also make come backs this year on the new S5 Pro again. Speculation also points towards us ditching the fingerprint reader that we had on the back previously for an In-display Fingerprint ready. Just like what we had on the Camon 12 Pro. This is new, this is definitely welcome. I just hope it would be you know as fast asa normal fingerprint scanner. Also in terms of ports and I/O, we may still maintain our headphone jack, speaker grille and I’m afraid a USB 2 port and not a USB Type C port. 

A main reason for this minute clam our is sort of for uniformity or maybe standardization. Alot of devices are moving towards having USB C and it easily aids in better charging speeds, faster transferring speeds, and uniformity just like I mentioned earlier. Type C is small, fast and if you have a newer MacBook everything is probably already gone type c for you and the S5 Pro may not fitin to your world. But if we get a USB C port on the S5 Pro though..that would be good.

Specif Ication wise, specifically for the processor,RAM and storage, we may have 2 options and it’s not exactly clear which we’ll behaving. It’s possible that we’ll be having Mediatek’sHelio P65 which is a much more capable processor than the second option. 

Which is the Helio P35, comment below which one you think would be in use. P65 or P35. Also if you saw my S5 review, you’ll know that for the S5 Lite we had 2 options, 4+64 and 3+32, this was the same thing in the case of the S5 as well, two options. 4GB RAM and 64GB storage and a 6GB RAM with 128GB storage option. In my speculations, we’re definitely going to be matching the S5’s storage and ram version. Having 128GB would be very interesting and something to look forward to, Hopefully, it doesn’t exceed that 65-70 thousand Naira mark. 58 thousand to 65 thousand.

As far as battery, I don’t know if Infinix has any tricks up their sleeves to introduce a 5,000 man battery but a best bet is a 4,000mAh battery and in terms of Operating Systems we might be looking at Android 10 for good measure but then again, it’s sort of a 50 50 chance between that and Android 9. Cameras! Cameras will remain the same in my opinion and we should have in that pop up camera, a 32MP sensor just the same as we had on theS5, speculations also say that it may as well be a 16MP which in my opinion would be quite a downgrade from what we’ll be getting. 

On the back however, we may just be getting a similar alternative to the Redmi Note 8, why do I say that? Well, this may be the first time we’ll begetting a 48MP sensor on an Infinix device. In Hierarchy as I always check it, we should have, a 48MP main sensor, a 5MP wide angle camera, 2MP for depth and either a 2MP or VGA camera for low light which is also a similar feature on the already existing S5. So basically it’s just a slight build upon it. 

Also guys, because of that Transsion connection,we’ll definitely see TECNO coming out with a pop up camera device and this is just the way the S5 sort of pays homage to the Camon 12 Air which came out from TECNO. Before I conclude guys, none of these areyet to be confirmed, I have reached out but I haven’t gotten any information yet but you guys could just head on my twitter or instagram, I’ll display the handles right here. I’ll be dropping more updates. 

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Infinix S5 Pro (Not S6) with Pop Up Camera in 2021
Infinix S5 Pro (Not S6) with Pop Up Camera in 2021

Hopefully it’s not just a new S5 body with a pop up camera, I’m also seeing similar traits on the Hot 9 but that’s discussion for another day.Thanks alot for watching this video guys,if you enjoyed it please hit the like button below, and also do subscribe and hit the bellicon to turn on notifications so you’ll be the first to know when I drop a new video. Thanks alot for watching and I’ll talk to you in the next one. 

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