Infinix Note 7 Unboxing & Review 2021

Infinix Note 7 Unboxing 

Infinix Note 7 for over 2 weeks now, and I know some of you with very sharpe yes caught it in my last video, and asked questions, well I’ve been able to spend some time with this device so this is my unboxing and review of this huge device. If you’ve been following the Infinix brand on social media, you’ll see some posts with the hashtag, 

NoteThe7 and those were sort of anticipatory. In this video, I’ll share my thoughts about it and things you should know before you buy or not. Also check for timestamps in the description of this video to skip ahead to different sections. 

Thanks to UNICAF, I’ll be giving away an Infinix Note 7 when it finally is available in stores for purchase so stick around till the end of the video to learn how you can win that. Make sure you like this video, like actually like this video, It goes a long way really, and of course subscribe and turn on notifications so you’ll be the first to know when we post a new video. Speaking of new videos, I also have the S5 pro in the works for you guys and will be sharing that in a later video and I’d appreciate it if you could subscribe for to watch that. 

Without further ado, let’s get to the video. I got a sample unit and not the end user’sor commercial box, and as far as what comes inside, we have the usual sim ejector tool,screen protector, invite card, silicone case and warranty card.

Accessories would include the headphones,charging cable and power adapter. A new feature about this device is that it supports 18W fast charging which is cool and somehow Infinix is able to do this with outa USB C port. I’ll share my charging speed later in this video. 

Anyway onto the device itself, The Infinix Note 7 isn’t a pop up camera like the S5 Pro, there was a really silent launch for the S5 Pro in Nigeria that I almost missed it …unfortunately that also hasn’t officially gone on sale in Nigeria yet, So what’s the deal with this Infinix Note 7 and why is iteven a thing right now.

First of all, this device when I held it was huuge. It weights almost the same as an iPhone XS Max or 11 Pro Max with 5 to 20 grams of difference respectively which isn’t that much so yeah,it’s huge and it’s heavy but there’s a reason for that and it’s that 5,000 mAhbattery which we’ll talk about in a bit. As far as the ports and I/O goes, Nothing is on the top of the Note 7, the side however has the power button slash fingerprint read erslash camera shutter button all in one… it will make sense very soon but that button is something. You also have the SIM and MicroSD slot to the left pretty standard stuff. 

There’s also a rubber ring on the side fora tighter seal. Beneath the phone, it’s the headphone jack,microphone port, USB port and the speaker. The back houses the quad camera set up in that circular array plus the quad flash as well, Infinix Note Branding and That Designed by Infinix inscription. 

I like the pattern of the design here on that cross colored shape, which reminds me of the A series devices. The front has the earpiece and front facing camera array The Note 7 is a 6.95 inch screen and it sits close to 7 inches? Holding it of course had quite the weight in my hands. 

This is not a device for small handed people at all. On the good side it’s a gorilla glass display right? but there’s no specific note as to whether it’s Gorilla Glass 3 or not. In terms of color options. There’s the Forest Green, the Ae ther Black and Bolivia Blue.

 I’ve seen white and in fact the one I have here is purple so I think that there will be different variations by country so I wouldn’thop on that train too quickly. 

One thing I’d say is a downside about display is that you still have a 720p Display with resolution at exactly 1640 by 720p with appi of 258 which is quite in the mid range level and I’m not so sure how I feel about it, on the one hand it’s a huge 7 inch screen, 6.95 inches to be exact, it’s an LCD display but when you actually look at how huge it is, thankfully there’s no notch but there is some chin right there. It’s kinda of hard to fully appreciate a big screen like this but for the price that it comes with I think it’s up to 80,000,I’ll update that in the description below so check there, 

I’m in a bit of a mixed  bag on that. I don’t know. I do like the idea of the punch hole display again though. Special shout out to the Infinix S5. Video Quality when watching YouTube and stuff like Netflix was okay and even gaming was decent in terms of image quality. 

The Note 7 does come with tons of bloatware which you can uninstall, however not all the extra features you get are not useful. Social Turbo, is a feature on this devicethat helps with additional WhatsApp features that whatsapp doesn’t have. For example, you can record WhatsApp calls,add a beauty filter to live video calls, make your own stickers, back up messages, save them and read them offline, and more features as displayed here. 

In terms of Display Navigation, we’ve got Action and Gestures where you can tap to make, cover to silence incoming calls and alot more. I also like that it’s easier to access System navigation and choose between Gestures and Buttons, I’m curious, which team are you,Team Gestures or Team Buttons? Use the Poll to Decide. One thing is for sure though, it’s definitelya step up as far as the Note series goes.

Except it’s a Note device and it doesn’tcome with a Stylus, will we see a Note 7 Pro with a Stylus, a Note 7 Pro Stylus maybe,I don’t really know but that’s something to think about, I mean looking at past trends,it’s pretty much what we’ve had, one Note without a Stylus and a Pro version with as tylus so yeah, that’s something to think about. 

You’ve got the fingerprint reader of this device to the side, which to be honest is way cooler that on the back or having a slow lyre sponding on-screen fingerprint reader. This is also a much better way because I use the power button almost all the time so why not have it as my fingerprint reader.
Infinix Note 7 Unboxing & Review 2021
Infinix Note 7 Unboxing & Review 2021

You should know it’s on the right side of the phone though so you might have to use your Index finger or thumbs if your hand sare that huge. This device also has Face Unlock but I barely used it. Another thing that the Infinix Note 7 come swith is a Dual Speaker set up and here’s how it sounds: I’ll say that the sound quality of the microphone was really crisp, and had a lot of the esses well pronounced and sounded more in the high notes.

 The stereo speakers on here are actually punchy and loud but are not the most amazing you get. It’s a stereo set up and you can hear thes ound from the top and bottom of the phone despite having only one speaker grille. 

Of course, you’ve got Android 10 on this guy which is nice, and one thing I noticed when I set up my unit was that it was default into dark mode but that is most likely because it’s not the retail version but yeah so you’ll know, it’s got dark mode. 

How about the processing power, the battery capacity and the storage, well there are 3 storage options and shout out to this video’s sponsor Unicaf, I will be giving someone a brand new InfinixNote 7 when it’s available in stores in Nigeria I will be giving one of these 3 versions tosome one.

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Unicaf helps you earn a degree and gain knowledge at an affordable price. It’s simple. Quality higher education. Check out the link in the description to find out more about studying through Unicaf. Alright, as I said, we’ve got three storage options, to re-cap, 64GB of Storage and 4GB of RAM, 128GB of Storage with 4GB of RAM and128GB of Storage with 6GB of RAM. My sample model is the highest version at128GB of storage with 6GB of RAM. 

The Note 7 does come with MediaTek’s G70chip, a 12nm Octa-core chipset and I see a comment coming: “MEDIATEK AGAIN” Just know that these companies usually have long-term contracts or dealings with these guys so they cross promote and help each other and it’s sort of like a relationship, or partner shipco-depending It’s kind of hard to just separate yourself from a partnership like that. 

On the website I saw partners like Realme,Oppo, Xiaomi all their latest releases etcetera and one thing that I also found strange was when I checked on MediaTek’s page, I saw that their chipset, the G70 which the Infinix  Note 7 has is capable of supporting a 2520 by 1080 but this Infinix device is only 1640by 720 in terms of the display resolution so that’s a compromise for sure. 

One area where the G70 shines is in Gaming,this device was pleasant when it did game, graphics processing is 2 times better than the previous generation and PUBG was a default Medium, not low and had a high frame rate. Call of duty was a default low and I guess that was because of the 720p display but the Note 7 handled gaming pretty well. In terms of day to day use, it’s familiar territory but it was indeed one of the bigger devices i had in my hands. Everyone who saw me use it commented on the size so that would count for something right? 

Also, how does this device perform in terms of the battery life, well. I did my usual 30 minutes of call of duty and this took battery from 89% to 81% which is a 9% loss in battery life. What do you think about that? I used a fast charger and something that stood out to me was that unlike the 2 hour charge it took for the older Infinix device this took significantly less time to charge, less than 2 hours, which is positive on the one hand and secondly, on the spec sheet, this is capable of 18W Fast Charging.

But It’s not a USB C port so it’s a bit of a compromise too on the speed of the charging again. In terms of cameras though, you’ve got a16MP F2.0 wide front facing camera in that punch hole, no front facing flash, just a screen flash and on the back it’s a round array 48MP capable wide camera, 2MP macro lens, 2 MP depth sensor and 2MP dedicated video camera also for night mode. 

The maximum shooting resolution you get on here is 1080P at 30 frames per second and again, inside the spec sheet of the MediaTekG70 it has video encoding and playback at 2K resolution and even slow motion at 240frames per second but none of that comes in the Note 7. One interesting feature of the Note 7 is that the fingerprint reader is the shutter button when you just tap it lightly, when Infinix mentioned this I was actually excited for this feature, slowly I’ve been using it and I’ve actually taken quite a lot of accidental shots just from holding the phone alone. 

It can be annoying sometimes and I’m not so sure it can be re-mapped or turned off. Selfies on the Note 7 were less saturated which isn’t necessarily bad but not the aesthetic that would be my first choice, however it’s a clear image you’ll get and if you want to edit, there’s that option. Another example with the selfie I took is how orange the reds look. 

Also a quick fact to note is that portrait mode here from my own tests only worked on people and nothing else and in fact, it needsa defined eyes, nose and mouth, let me tell you what I mean. I recorded the screen and as you can see here,it’s in portrait mode, however, it only blurs the background out when I take my face mask off and when I put it back on, portrait mode disappears. Just a random fun fact.

 However portrait mode works, not perfect like many smartphones aren’t but it would still need some work for the edges and how it blurs it. A lot of people might not mind but it’sthere. Day time shots I took looked cool especially when it’s 48MP, 2X shots also kept some sharpness, and in 5x it starts to lose a bit of quality and same with the next zoom level. 

Just so you’ll know, the max zoom level is 9X. Same with alot of greens and reds or shades of red especially when hit with a lot of light. This was shot with the 48MP mode. It just shines through and similarly it changes in quality when it’s zooming in. Tackling the focusing capabilities of the camera, focusing takes just about a second before it adjusts to the subject in frame that is when you tap but it works 90% of the time. Also, there’s a noticeable struggle to focus when it’s zoomed. The back camera does a better Job than the front in blurring backgrounds. 

However, that’s not the same for video sespecially when you don’t have any form of stabilization, the focus is slower. For night mode shots, or in Night mode, you really can’t take a normal shot, it sort of forces Night mode so there wasn’t really anything to compare it to, that being said though, the night mode shots were actually not bad at all. 

Thought there was some noise in the image when I took it, it still had a definite outline. Just know that you can but shouldn’t turn on Portrait mode at night for shots, you will get a very blurry image. I loved how the skyline was represented as well as the lights. I think the main thing that impressed me alittle more out of everything was the performance on Night mode. 

However it’s still going to require you to have stable hands. Especially if you’re taking video. I think I’m glad there’s 18W fast charging capabilities but from what I’ve seen so far, maybe the Helio G70 wasn’t really well utilized especially when you look at what the G70 can offer on the MediaTek website and what the Infinix Note 7 offers on the device they just launched.

 I’ll post an update about the pricing for Nigeria That’s that what do you guys think would be the outcome of the Infinix Note 7 coming in to Nigeria. Would you buy one and are you a fan of anal most 7 inch screen? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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