Huawei Y7p Unboxing and Review 2021

Huawei Y7p Unboxing and Review

My Unboxing and quick review of the Huawei Y7P, the Y7p is Huawei’s 2020 budget/mid range device that they make, this phone actually launched on the 7th of February early this year and it’s been what_it’s been 3 months since we’ve had this now but it’s only just going for pre-orders in Nigeria this.

May till June I’ll have exact datesin the description of this video & also pricing and additional information. That being said,this is actually one of the finer devices that Huawei makes and we’re going to beexplo ring it since I’ve had it for a few days… I’ll also have my timestamps inthe description of this video so you can skip ahead to different sections of this videothat you want to get quickly informed about. Without further ado, let’s get to the video. 

Before we move on guys, do hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you’ll be the first to know when we drop a new video,that being said, we’ll move right on to the unboxing! This is the box of the Huawei Y7P and insideit, we’ve got the device itself in a semi loose wrap, this is the Huawei Y7P it selfand we’ll be keeping it to the side for now. 

Huawei Y7p
Huawei Y7p Unboxing and Review 2021
There’s also a second smaller box whichhas the sim ejector tool. Inside this box is where we get the quick start guide, andthe flexible case which does the job and I’ll recommend wearing if you want to preservethat gradient finish. 

Underneath that is the charging cable whichis not a USB C one, unfortunately, we also have the power adapter and a headphone that’snot of the in ear kind. Taking the wrap off the phone, you can seethe front’s 6.39 inch display and on the back, I do like that really cool gradienteffect it has and it’s sort of stroked inwards making it have a two tone look for the samegradient. 

This device even has the sides in gradientsnot something you see often as most others are like sandwiched designs, this is all roundand i thought it was cool. I like that it sticks to the full gradient commitment. Allround gradient design even on the sides. 

Dope! The downside though is that it’s a fingerprintmagnet. You can also see the finger print reader at the center of the phone, triplecamera branding beneath all the cameras and when you look downwards it’s just Huawei’sbranding and certification notes. On the top of the device there’s a microphone,to the right is the power button and volume keys, the left has the sim slot.

This is adedicated dual sim slot and it’s expandable by 512GB so you can have extra storage inaddition to the 64GB it comes with. In some countries you’ll get a hybrid sim slot butfor Nigeria it’s pure dual sim The bottom of the phone houses the headphonejack, nice to see, another microphone, USB port and speaker grille. The front of the phone has the 8MP front facingcamera in a punch hole style display. 

The earpiece is of course above it and when youtake a look at the whole screen you’ll notice a slight chin. Another nice touch is thatthe device also has a screen protector on which I thought was a good move. The phone is actually light weight in my handsand slim to the tune of 8.1mm even as it houses a 4,000 mah battery which we’ll talk aboutsoon.

 It’s not glass on the back but a polycarbonate material, however, it does look and feel welldesigned. The color is Aurora Blue and there’s another option, which is midnight black. In terms of the display quality of this device,huawei uses a 720p display on here, 1520 by 720p to be exact and when I watched videoon it natively it can take on a 1080p video downscaled of course which would look sharperbut if you’re going to be streaming on this guy, you’ll have to know that it’s a 720pdisplay and it’s going to be capped at 720p. Specification wise it’s of course an LCDpanel, 82.4% screen to body ratio and a modest ppi of 269. 

Unfortunately because Google servicesare not supported on newer huawei devices, you get an error message when you launch the YouTube but if you want to watch a YouTube video, you can do just that in the Web Browseror a browser like OperaMini. In a separate video which is all about the Huawei App Gallery,I’ll explain a couple of things there and will link that in the description. You do get the option to toggle on Eye Comfortwhich is a way of reducing.

Blue Light or essentially a blue light filter so it doesn’t strainyour eyes, you can also increase text size and even display size as you wish and youcan even change the fonts. In a cruel twist of fate you can hide thenotch if you feel like the front facing camera bothers you but why you would do that is beyondme really. I wish the system navigation setting was inthe display menu but when you go to the system settings, you can see your navigation options,you can select between Gestures, Three Key.

Navigation and the third option which isn’treally an option per se but a style, of additional navigation, the dock, which places an opaquecircle on your screen and you can use it to do home, recent tasks and back button commands,kind of Like a joystick. 
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When you look at the sound quality of the Huawei Y7P, of course it’s not a stereo speaker device, it’s more of a single loudspeaker at the bottom of the phone and it does sound decent. 
For my not so comprehensivetest here’s how it did: When it came to the microphone quality itselfin terms of me speaking on the phone, the device did do very well and it was more concentratedon the bass of my voice and of course, this phone has a dual microphone system on hereso audio recording for video would be much better but it doesn’t have a stereo speakerso that’s also another angle to consider here, it did sound a little thin in comparisonto the real song however it was decently loud but not super super crisp or even bass heavyit was more on the high notes side so you may not have problems with listening to voicesout loud but for music it’s just a bit faint but loud. 

The Huawei Y7P currently runs on Android 9based on Emotion UI or EMUI 9.1.1 it did feel snappy during my use and it was somethingI liked about this device as well. When you talk about processing power on the HuaweiY7P, you’re talking about the Kirin 710F, which was used on one of huawei’s cool midrangedevices last year, the Huawei y9 Prime 2019 which has a pop up camera and I reviewed,you can watch that with the link below or the card up above, it did handle games wellwhich I’ll come to and day to day tasks were not a problem for it. In terms of storage, 
I was a little bummedit had 64GB of Storage and 4GB of RAM but for a price 140 Euros which, when I did theconversion it was about 60,000 Naira and I think it would be more when its price is announcedin Nigeria, I can’t complain. I’ll update the accurate pricing information in the description below. 

On the brighter side though, as I mentioned, you can of course, increase your storage externallywith a 512GB memory card. This phone does come with a big 4,000 mAhbattery and Huawei claims 22 hours of screen on time.
It is actually capable of 10W chargingand in the past few days I’ve had it, it did get me through till about 5pm from about11am if I use it intensely of course. In terms of Gaming on the Y7P, I only noticed lagsonce in the past few days and that was on PUBG but all the rest of the way, it was reallysmooth. 

When I played games, call of duty, pubg andasphalt for a total of 30 minutes, it took the battery down by 10% all the way from 29%to 19% and this was consistent with my tests. When you talk about Biometrics and Security,of course apart from PIN, Patterns and passwords, we have Face Unlock and Fingerprint readeron the back. 

The Fingerprint reader was decently fast, it’s a physical one and not and on-screenone so that does help. Face Unlock did also do fine in enough light, however all the timesI’ve tried unlocking it in the dark doesn’t work, it would just give a not enough lightsignal. 

However, with some little light, you’ll be able to unlock this device with Face Unlock. As far as the cameras on the Huawei Y7P, fromtop to bottom you’ve got a a 2 MP, f/2.4, (depth) sensor, the 12MP slash 48 MP, f/1.8(wide) angle camera, and the 3rd camera is the 8 MP f/2.4, (ultrawide), as well as theflash below. 

The selfie camera on the Huawei Y7P is an8MP f/2.0 sensor, no front facing flash, just a screen flash, and from my tests, it wasjust okay and usable for social media, It looked noticeably sharp but a bit over exposed,same thing goes for the portrait mode. 

I must mention that the portrait mode, straight outthe box has been set to a high level of beauty mode which you can reduce by yourself forbetter clarity and still, if you look closely you’ll definitely notice that not all theedges are cut well and the hair also doesn’t look blurred really well. 

This shot was a 12MP default camera shot becausestraight out of the box, it’s set to 12MP and here’s how it looked and this imagewas a total 1.7MB. This camera also has an aperture mode where you can set aperture lowup to f1.7, it’s totally not perfect and from the same position not only did it blurthe background more it also increased in size to 3.9MB.

These normal shots ease into bokeh a little bit well and have a decent background blur,however, when you switch to 48MP mode which you can from the settings menu, I wish itwas just a button up top, I noticed more saturation and better quality when zoomed in and of coursean increase in image size up to 10 megabytes. 48MP shots are really cool in enough lightbut a downside is that you can’t zoom in this mode. 

You’ll have to go back to the normal mode. When I tried all the zoom levels, the 8MP ultra wide mode did give a bit ofa washed out image and this was with enough light but it had clear greens even if it wasn’tas sharp. At 2x, the image still retained a lot of sharpness while at the maximum 6x,it was noticeable soft but still usable. 

When I took it outdoors, it did perform well,I liked the blue hues it had and normal 12MP shots did perform well and even portrait mode compared to the indoor space and portrait mode was way better especially since the separation from the background was much smoother and made for a sharper image. As far as video, this guy can shoot 1080pat 30fps and when I tested it out while walking, it was actually shaky as you can see and itdid hunt for exposure and clarity a lot but didn’t affect sharpness so a tripod and controlled environments would see the Y7P thrive more. 

Slow mo features on this camera is 480 fps and when I tested it out, like the Huawei Nova series I used to have, it computes frames in an uneven way but it still looks pleasant and of course, slow. It endedup being usable but you can’t edit the slow motion frames in post. So what you see iswhat you get. Huawei’s night mode was also cool, performed as usual and brightens the dark scenes and little help with AI camera features can beseen to help with things on here. 

I’m test it out more but what are your thoughts about the camera quality of the Huawei Y7P and what would you like to know about it? Do leavea comment below. Also guys’ s some of you may know, I’mhonored to be Musicbed’s first African ambassador so this means that all the songs I use formy videos, my intro if you watched it, and more are by Musicbed. 

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